IT Services | November 11, 2022

Tech Answers: What Does Scalability Mean, Really?

Businesses small and large are a-buzz with talks of scalability, but as far as corporate buzzwords go, this one might actually hold some weight.  

At EMPIST, we know that savvy business owners such as yourself can see right through the usual jargon. After a while, all this talk of “leverage,” “best practices,” and “core competencies” can start to blur into one indecipherable blob of lingo, can’t it? 

However, when team EMPIST talks shop about scalability, we do so not simply because the term has a certain ring to it but because we earnestly believe that the ability to scale, grow, and better your business should be available to all that seek it. 

And more specifically, that smart technology solutions are the path to get you there.   

So, today we dive deep into the actual substance behind scalability and the tech services that make it work.  

Let’s get started: 

What Is Scalability? 

In its most basic form, scalability can be defined as the capacity to grow easily or otherwise change in size.  

Or, at least, that’s what the folks behind and Miriam-Webster might tell you.  

In practice, however, scalability has become shorthand for a business’s resiliency. In today’s tumultuous climate, being able to scale up your operations when provided with increased resources has become crucial to the success of any organization. To say that your business is “scalable” is, therefore, to say that your business has longevity and that you, as a leader, have thought seriously about the future and how your product or service will be effective in that future. 

The continued popularity of remote work. The staggering increase in cybercrime. The growing concern for data privacy and protection. All of these timely factors and more have proven themselves capable of causing wide-scale industry change. To be scalable in 2022 and beyond is to take a proactive stance in preparing for that change and commit today to grow your business regardless of what change may bring.  

In fact, scalability isn’t so much a choice for today’s businesses but a mandate. In order to reach your organizational goals – be they financial or otherwise – your business must be a scalable one.  

Technology & Scalability  

Of course, when it comes to business technology, the definition of scalability goes one step further. In this regard, scalability refers to a given process, network, or software’s ability to meet increased demand as your business grows.  

Expensive, traditional business technologies like on-premises servers often have a hard and fast capacity, making them less amenable to changes in workload. When this capacity is reached, it could bring your operations – and, by extension, your growth plan – to a screeching halt. 

Whether your organization is still in its beginning stages or has been in business for decades, adopting modern, scalable technology solutions will provide the flexibility you need to service more clients, hire more staff, handle more complex processes, and more without slowing down your team in the process. By planning for these changes today, you are investing in your business for the future.  

Scalable Solutions & Services  

So, what does scalability look like in business technology? Here are a few examples to consider:  

Collaboration & Communication Tools – Smart collaboration tools like Teams (part of the Microsoft 365 suite) and Slack aren’t just useful for keeping in touch with your employees; They’re drivers of growth, too. The easy user scalability of these platforms makes expanding your workforce and breaching into new markets simple. They also streamline processes by integrating with other software and applications AND provide a secure option for remote work, which is becoming more popular each day.  

Cloud Storage – Unlike traditional data storage, cloud solutions grow and change as you do, allowing your organization the flexibility you need to move with market tides, not against them. What’s more, most cloud storage is considered an operational expense, not a capital expense like bulky hardware, giving business owners the opportunity to avoid often-prohibitive front-loaded costs.  

As-a-service Technologies – Many cloud solutions, collaborative software, infrastructure, and other modern business technologies are now available “as-a-service,” meaning that they are delivered to businesses on a pay-as-you-go model, often over the internet. From Training-as-a-Service to Hardware-as-a-Service to the ever-popular Software-as-a-Service, this model of technology delivery is extremely mobile and great for organizations looking to expand.  

Proactive Cybersecurity – Scalability isn’t just about efficiency, either. Being able to scale your business also requires that you’re confident in your business’s security. The threats your organization faces online are greater now than ever before. The only way to combat these threats thoroughly is via a proactive, multi-pronged cybersecurity protocol that places emphasis on eliminating vulnerabilities and detecting suspicious activity. With your safety in check, your organization’s growth plans will be able to continue in peace.  

Security Awareness Training – On that note, we would be remiss if we did not stress the importance of a well-trained (and well-aware) staff. According to a 2022 study from Verizon, approximately 82% of data breaches involve human error. Getting your employees enrolled in regular cybersecurity training is a tried and true way to start protecting your organization’s sensitive information, building a strong base of knowledge upon which your growth plan can flourish.  

Managed Services – The most surefire way to give your business the scalability it needs to succeed is by working with a technology partner that cares not just about fixing issues within your infrastructure but about building an ecosystem that will nurture your goals. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) guarantee a level of partnership and service that goes above and beyond that of standard IT providers, helping you build long-term growth.  

Tip the Scales with EMPIST 

A commitment to scalability is a commitment to seeing your business not just survive but thrive. At EMPIST, it is our mission to empower organizations just like yours with the technology they need to succeed – including scalable resources.  

To learn more about our growth-inducing IT Managed Services, Cybersecurity Solutions, Cloud Support, and Digital Initiatives, visit us online today. To get started right now, contact our team here.