Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

What is Hardware-as-a-Service?

What does Hardware-as-a-Service do for your business? EMPIST will provide you with hardware on a lease-basis, and at the end of the product lifecycle, you will be entitled to new hardware. If you don’t have the capital to invest in your company’s desired IT needs in full, HaaS allows you to access the level of technology you desire without having the restrictions of a short-term budget.

Hardware-as-a-Service allows you to position your hardware costs as operational expenses, as opposed to the pricier capital expenses.  

The Benefits & Features of Hardware-as-a-Service

  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Maximized Uptime & Productivity
  • Always Relevant & Updated Technology
  • Affordable Monthly Cost
  • Reduced Capital Expenditures
  • Constant 24/7/365 Monitoring & Management


Our HaaS leasing program allows you to upgrade your technology while also receiving EMPIST’s award-winning managed support. We’ve designed our HaaS program to provide you with full hardware management and maintenance plus unlimited remote and onsite support. All of this is available to you without the hassle of managing software licenses and warranties.

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