Meet the Team

We are really enthusiastic people. Allow us to intoduce ourselves.

  • Executive Team

    • John Kampas

      Founder & CEO

    • Athena Kampas

      General Counsel

    • Andrew Bochantin


    • Gus Papacharalampous

      Branch Manager

  • Account Management

  • Service Desk

    • Orland K. Carter

      Service Desk Manager

    • Adam R. Campbell

      Escalation Engineer

    • Ginger Kee

      Service Desk Engineer

    • Jailene Gonzalez

      Service Desk Agent

    • Josh V. Roussell

      Service Desk Engineer

    • Giovani D. Lopez

      Service Desk Agent

    • Ricardo Leon Hinojosa

      Service Desk Agent

    • Todd F. Polte

      Service Desk Engineer

    • Tyler J. Danczak

      Service Desk Engineer

    • Nate Vanek

      Documentation / Training Coordinator

  • Field Operations Team

    • Nikolus E. Distler

      Field Operations Manager

    • Jake W. Harris


    • Taylor J. Grendel


    • Jeff Damien


    • Ricardo Jimenez


  • Sales

  • Systems Team

    • Ryan Gaines

      Team Lead

    • Kris Petrov

      Systems Engineer

    • Joe Alessi

      Systems Engineer

    • Ben M. Nelson

      Network Engineer

  • Network Operation Center (NOC)

    • George Delavogias

      NOC Manager

    • George Lykouropoulos

      NOC Engineer

    • Michael Sofronidis

      NOC Engineer

    • Tim Volanis

      NOC Engineer

  • BDR Team

    • Alex Frontzos

      BDR Engineer

    • Dimitris Aslanidis

      BDR Engineer

  • IT Project Team

    • Ky Schultz

      Project Manager

    • Aaron Osborn

      Project Engineer

    • Artur Polena

      Project Engineer

  • Back Office

    • Sandra Cellitti

      Office Manager / HR Manager

    • Paige D. Clayton

      Back Office Administrator

  • Special Projects Team

    • Jim K. Samios

      Ruby on Rails Developer

    • Paris J. Gouvalaris

      Ruby on Rails Developer

    • Panagiotis A. Galiotos

      Security Engineer

  • Enterprise Team

    • Stavros E. Charitidis

      Director of Product Development

    • Panagiotis Velisarakos

      Frond-end Developer

  • Digital Agency

    • Nicki P. Sitaras

      Senior Project Manager

    • Katerina Papacharalampous

      Project Coordinator

    • Christina C. Tzouganatos

      Creative Lead

    • Myrto G. Orfanoudaki

      Graphic Designer

    • Marty Hitzeman

      Director of Digital

    • Pinelopi G. Petropoulou

      Graphic Designer

    • Labros E. Dokos

      Front-end Developer

    • Christina V. Kefalianou

      Front-end Developer

    • Areti K. Georgiou

      Regional Marketing Manager

    • Johnny Cather

      Marketing Manager

    • Katie A. Carr

      Graphic Designer

    • Elizabeth Gow

      Content Specialist

    • Orestis Stradis

      Fullstack Developer

    • Andreea Baielli

      PPC Specialist