The Benefits of Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity | March 19, 2021

The Risk of Cybercrime  

How versed is your staff in security awareness training and phishing techniques? Hackers rely on catching people off guard, rushed, or creating some form of urgency. Phishing scams can come in many forms, and their effects can have serious repercussions for you/your business.   

With the professional use of personal devices, social media, and mobile connectivity on the rise, your data is at more risk now than ever before of being bested by a phishing attack.  

In fact, a recent Better Business Bureau study indicates that the odds of a cyber-attack could be as high as 1 in 4 for businesses of less than 25 employees and 1 in 3 for businesses of 25 or more employees. Are you really willing to take those chances lying down?   

What Is Security Awareness Training? 

Social engineering tricks like phishing use what your employees don’t know against them. Beat hackers to the punch by enrolling your team in security training today. Digital courses in security best practices offer a wealth of information on common scams to set your employees up with the knowledge they need to identify – and avoid – a phishing attack.  Don’t know where to start? EMPIST’s free baseline phishing test is a great way to gauge the existing threat of a cyberattack against your business. 

The Benefits of Security Awareness Training 

  • Increased Security Awareness 
  • Decreased Risk of Cyber-attacks 
  • Baselined Phishing Tests to Tailor Your Training 
  • Annual Training Courses to Stay Current 
  • Simulated Phishing Tests Throughout Training 

Always Be Prepared  

Designing a robust security awareness training program complete with healthy passwords, employee training, state-of-the-art software, and a stellar recovery system is the key to fighting off the threat of phishing attacks. To learn more about how you can improve your business’s cybersecurity, visit EMPIST online today!  

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