What Is an MSP?

IT Services | April 30, 2019

When it comes to managing day-to-day operations, you know your business better than anyone – but are you just as confident when faced with managing your IT program? 

If you find yourself looking for a solution that takes the guesswork out of IT management, then an MSP might just be for you. To find out, let’s take a closer look at what an MSP is, the solutions it can offer your business, and the type of results you can expect to see once you’ve realized an MSP is just the thing your IT program needs.  

What Does MSP Stand For? 

When talking about IT solutions, an MSP refers to a Managed Service Provider. A Managed Service Provider is an IT company that organizes and operates some – or, in many cases, all – of a business’s IT program.  

In short, an MSP provides outsourced IT solutions that remotely manage your networks, system operations, tech support, and other assets so that you can rest-assured your tech runs smoothly.  

What Does a Managed Service Provider, Well, Do? 

Whether your business is a startup or an enterprise-level corporation, chances are managing your IT solutions is a serious headache. Technology is constantly changing and building a program that has all the expertise, training, skill, and technical capabilities to keep up takes a large budget and an even larger chunk of your time.  

Outsourcing your IT program to a Managed Service Provider negates this inconvenience. Already equipped with the expert teams, technical know-how, and software that you need, an MSP will help you diagnose the IT solutions your business requires and then manage those solutions so that you can stay focused on your goals.  

What Kind of Solutions Do MSPs Provide? 

Masters of their craft, the solutions offered by an MSP are entirely scalable and customizable to your business, regardless of size or industry.  

Among those IT solutions provided by MSPs are: 

  • Managed Services, or, the comprehensive care of your technology systems. Whether remote or onsite, an MSP can provide you with the end-user support, upgrades, monitoring, patch management, and reporting you need to maintain performance and prevent potential complications. 
  • Cybersecurity Services, or, the proactive assessment, care, and control of your business’s security. A Managed Service Provider can ensure that your information is protected through Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning, Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and similar preemptive measures. 
  • Back Up & Disaster Recovery, or, your last line of defense. Let an MSP help you recover from a crash, loss, or accident with affordable backup options integrated directly into your services.  
  • Cloud Services, or, the next frontier in information tech. Keep your IT program up-to-the-minute with improved data management, increased collaboration, and enhanced efficiency via tailor-made cloud solutions from an MSP.  

Managed Service Providers & You 

In addition to saving you the time, money, and stress it takes to construct the right IT program, a Managed Service Provider brings a level of skill and savvy to your technology systems that are unmatched by that of other IT solutions.  

Breaking the “break-fix” cycle of traditional IT outsourcing, an MSP will guarantee your IT program stays up-to-date and up to the task, no matter what that task may be.  

Ready to Get Started? 

Fix your tech before it breaks with EMPIST. 

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