Cloud Services | November 2, 2021

Tech Answers: Am I Using Microsoft 365 Right?

Having the software is one thing. But using Microsoft 365 correctly? That’s something else entirely.  

As one of the most popular cloud-based options on the market, we’re willing to be that you already have experience with Microsoft 365 (aka M365). From Outlook to Teams, M365 offers straightforward, easy-to-use tools to help you streamline your business processes – why wouldn’t you try it out? 

However, using Microsoft 365 to its fullest potential requires more than setting up an account and logging on. To get the most out of the software’s many features and services, you have to start thinking about M365 strategically, not just resourcefully. 

Lucky for you, EMPIST can help.  

This blog is a good place to get started. Here are just a few ways to frame using Microsoft 365 for your business strategy. 

For Collaboration

If your team isn’t working together you can’t succeed. Using Microsoft 365 tools like Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to work collaboratively across projects can help ensure that your business operates as a unified front, rather than in separate silos. Taking advantage of editable deliverables, voice calling, and meeting functionalities will keep your employees on the same page whether they’re in the office or on the go. 

For Security

The storage capabilities of Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint keep your information safe without the limitations of on-premises servers. In fact, the entire suite of cloud-based M365 features is built with security in mind, guaranteeing that you don’t have to sacrifice data protection for smart tools.  

For Speed

The Software-as-a-Service model of M365 makes set-up a breeze. If you need reliable, technology solutions quickly, it’s time to consider migrating to Microsoft 365. 

Additionally, the browser-enabled versions of M365 tools allow your employees to work from anywhere, allowing work to get done quickly and efficiently. 

For Growth

Unlike traditional on-premises servers and outdated hardware, Microsoft 365 grows as you do. This technology can be billed as an operating expense rather than a capital expense, meaning that the costs aren’t front-loaded. As such, your business is free to expand – or shrink – as you see fit. Using Microsoft 365 in this manner gives many business owners the flexibility they need to feel comfortable reaching for lofty goals.  

For Transformation

Speaking of goals, the most essential way to use M65 is as part of your transformation. When applied correctly, the capabilities of Microsoft 365 tools and services can lead to a smarter and more stable business. All you need is the right framework. 

For Tomorrow

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.  

As a Microsoft partner, team EMPIST prides itself on helping businesses just like yours start using Microsoft 365 to its full capacity. To learn more about our Microsoft 365 managed services, head here. 

To go ahead and get started today, contact team EMPIST online, here!