Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)

What is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider?

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, EMPIST is here to maximize the quality of your experience with the entire Microsoft Suite. It can be a huge burden for an internal IT team to manage their Microsoft 365 environment, causing unneeded stress on your IT resources.

Working with a Microsoft CSP helps with the management, security, licensing, and consolidated billing of your company’s Microsoft setup.

The Benefits & Features of a Microsoft CSP

  • Bundling of Microsoft Services
  • Microsoft Customer Support
  • Licensing Support
  • Flexible Benefits & Solutions
  • No Upfront Billing
  • Strong SLAs (Service-Level Agreements)
  • Easy Access to Microsoft 365 & Azure


As an experienced Managed Service Provider and Microsoft CSP, EMPIST has everything you need to keep your business’s IT organized, informed, and under control. With the help of the EMPIST CSP team, we can easily log into a customer’s Microsoft 365 tenant and function as your hands-on Cloud Solutions Provider.

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