Intro to Microsoft Teams

During a time when most large corporations and small businesses alike have implemented a mandated work from home policy, it can seem nearly impossible to continue with business as usual. Effectively working from home may seem hopeless as you try to juggle typing one-handed, awkwardly holding your cell phone with your neck and shoulder, jotting down notes with your other hand, all while desperately trying to visualize the detailed presentation your colleague is explaining over a phone call.  

Lucky for you, working from home doesn’t have to be a bust. Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to seamlessly connect and communicate with your team and fellow co-workers on an ongoing basis even when you are thousands of miles away from each other. With a premier line up of benefits, it’s life-changing technology that will help you and your co-workers efficiently communicate with each other no matter where you are.  

Here are five key benefits to Microsoft Teams, which will make it easier to communicate with your team anytime, anywhere.  

Individual Chat 

Use the direct chat feature to reach out to a specific member of your team. This makes it easy to chat as if you had a one on one conversation in person. If you need to call the person directly, you can click on the “phone” or “camera” button to launch a voice or video call within teams. With the help of Microsoft Teams, you can make daily collaboration easy for you and your co-workers. 

Team Channels 

Think of it as a group text for your team at work. You can instantly chat, send pictures, gifs, emojis, and attach files. This makes it simple to share all relevant information that you and your co-workers need to collaborate on your current assignment. With the entire team having access to the group thread, everyone can quickly reply and send additional messages making it easy to quickly catch up on any new comments when you get back to your desk. The Microsoft Team group chat feature makes it possible to go through past threads at any time to revisit any critical information you may have missed or need to review for upcoming assignments.  

Team Meetings 

There will be times that your team needs to meet to discuss an upcoming project or client issue that can’t wait until you’re all in the same room. With Microsoft Teams, you can easily set up a team meeting. If you’d prefer to meet face-to-face, you can enable the video feature of the meeting. Your co-workers will be able to see you and vice versa. You can add additional colleagues to join the call at any point should you need to loop anyone else in. When you’re in a team meeting, anyone can present, making it easy for the entire group to share what they’re working on.  

The current presenter can share their screen and any documents that need to be discussed during the meeting. The meeting chat feature is a great resource to be utilized during the meeting to send all questions and comments to avoid interrupting the entire team. This makes it easy to get prompt answers in real-time, ensuring the seamless delivery of the presentation and call. 

Real-Time Collaboration 

Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with Office 365, making it easy to access, share, and edit all Microsoft files in real-time. The minute your co-workers mention a change that needs to be made on a team channel or a meeting, you can pull up the document and update it without having everyone close the file. Long gone are the days of scrambling to write down the requested changes in shorthand, so you can go back in and update the document later. This makes it easy for the entire team to work efficiently and effectively on the project at hand.  

Microsoft Teams Available On All Devices 

You can easily access Microsoft teams on any device. If you have to step away from your computer or to run an errand, don’t worry. You can easily stay in contact with your team anywhere you go. It’s easy to access on your phone or tablet by downloading the Microsoft Teams Mobile App from the respective store, providing you with access to your team contacts, calendar, documents, and chats on the go  With Teams, you will have the flexibility needed when you’re not able to be at your desk. 


Microsoft teams allow for seamless communication with your colleagues, no matter where you are in the world. With the touch of a button, you can easily message, call, or send documents to create efficiency in your workplace.  

March 2020 Promotion

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you are probably already working remotely.  To help businesses worldwide, we are offering free implementation of Microsoft Teams through the end of March 2020.  Contact us to get started.

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