6 Ways to Use Technology as a Strategic Tool

Business | October 19, 2021

Hardware, software, wires & code – from a business owner’s perspective, it’s easy to think of technology as just a set of basic assets. But when you purchase a piece of tech or tech services, what you’re buying in whole is so much more than the parts themselves would suggest. 

At EMPIST, we believe that getting the most out of your technology requires that you view it not as a resource, but as a strategic tool. From email servers to password management systems, even the most mundane technologies can be used to help you achieve your overall business goals.  

That is if you apply them correctly.  

Here are 6 ways to use your technology as a strategic tool. 

To Catalyze Growth

Stagnation is the enemy of business. If you want to succeed you have to plan for where you’d like to be tomorrow, today. Scalable technology options like the cloud can put your team on that path towards continued growth, right now.  

The Software-as-a-Service model used by most cloud options allows your business to only pay for what you need, mitigating current costs while simultaneously ensuring that you’ll have access to more resources down the line. Unlike clunky hardware, cloud technology is therefore considered an operating expense rather than a capital one. Without the stress of front-loaded costs, your business is given the space it needs to flourish.  

To Improve Client Satisfaction

Better technology often leads to better communication. Better communication, in turn, leads to happier customers. Using reliable networks, machines, and service software can therefore have a tangible effect on the satisfaction of your clients.  

What’s more, retaining customers is significantly cheaper than acquiring new ones. The right technology ecosystem can ensure that your retention rate stays high and your bottom line low.  

To Improve Employee Satisfaction

Better communication also leads to happier employees. Meaningful collaboration with cloud-based applications, reliable network connections, and fully operational machines will give your team the confidence they need to get the job done.  

And when issues do arise, providing your employees with adequate IT support will guarantee that they feel cared for, helping your business stay together as a unit.  

To Build Trust

Poorly run or out-of-date technologies are unsafe technologies. Regularly updating both the hardware and software that your business uses guarantees that you stay on the cutting-edge of cybersecurity, as well as operations.  

Using added security technology like password management software, MFA, anti-virus, and EDR services reduces the risk of data breach, keeping your sensitive info safe and building trust – both internally and externally. 

To Increase Efficiencies

Not all technology solutions are created equal. So, while all businesses use some form of technology, not every piece of business technology is going to be right for you – including what you use right now. 

Are you confident in the efficacy of your current ecosystem? If not, adopting the right solutions will lead to faster, stronger, and more reliable work product down the road.  

To Position for Market Changes

The way we do business has significantly changed. The need for remote access, video conferencing, and secure communications has increased 10-fold in the past few years alone. Who’s to say your needs won’t change again? 

Staying on the leading edge of technology can strategically position your business for potential market changes. By staying up to date, you are in turn preparing for the worst while also supplying the best to your customers.  

Need a Partner in Strategy?

The strategic benefits of the right technology are clear, but do you have the knowledge and skills needed to put it to work?  

For over 20 years EMPIST has been helping businesses envision, construct, and manage effective technology ecosystems built for strategic gain. Contact us online today to learn more about EMPIST IT services.