10 Reasons It’s Time to Switch to the Cloud

Cloud Services | September 6, 2019

The Times Are Changing

And, in all honesty, it’s probably high time your business changed along with them. 

Like it or not, the cloud really is the best-and-brightest technology has to offer when it comes to storing and protecting your business’ data. In fact, users operating on physical data centers alone have 51% more security incidents than cloud storage users.  

Are you ready to make the switch?  

Here are ten reasons your business should seriously consider switching to the cloud. 

1. Goodbye, Front-Loaded Costs 

Unlike a physical server, cloud storage isn’t a capital expense, meaning the whole of its cost won’t be front-loaded onto your business before you even get your program off the ground. As such, not only will switching to a cloud-based system provide you with more cash-in-hand right off the bat, but it also won’t lose value over time like a traditional on-premise IT infrastructure, which is a depreciating asset. 

2. Hello, Operating Expense   

Switching to the cloud thus allows your company to finance part, if not all, of your business’s IT as an operating expense, rather than CAPEX. By relocating your IT costs to the other side of the balance sheet, cloud storage is paid for and – wait for it – taxed like any other service, mobilizing your cash-flow and keeping your business as elastic as possible.  

3. What You Need, When You Need It 

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model used by a cloud storage program ensures that its benefits are entirely scalable to your business. By growing and shrinking with your needs, switching to the cloud can keep your wasted costs to a minimum and your bottom line in check. 

What’s more, the scalability of the cloud makes tracking the Return on Investment (ROI) of your IT program a breeze in comparison to that of on-premise IT costs, which are often difficult to justify from the start.  

4. Where You Need It, Too 

With mobile devices becoming prevalent in even the most traditional of businesses, remote work is more popular than ever before. Far more accessible than hardwired storage, switching to the cloud will not only provide your employees flexibility in-office but will also allow for remote work to get done quickly and accurately.  

5. The Cloud is Compliant 

Both public and private cloud providers have a slew of compliances they adhere to in order to keep your data safe, your IT program in good health, and your business up to the proper standards.  

6. And Compliance is Outsourced 

The onus of cloud computing compliance is on the provider, not the business itself. In this way, by switching to the cloud, your company can benefit by outsourcing the regulatory audit of your IT competencies to the experts who provide the service, rather than take on the burden of compliance yourself.  

7. Security is Everything 

Whether a public cloud, private provider, or hybrid-cloud solution is best for your business, you can rest-assured knowing security is a top priority. As the technology we use to create and distribute data gets increasingly more advanced, so too do the hackers that threaten its protection. Switching to the cloud can affirm that your front-line security is the most advanced possible.  

8. Back-Ups, Included 

Yes, accidents happen. But when it’s the security of your sensitive information or the smooth operations of your business on the line, it’s best not to take risks. Cloud migration often includes automatic back-ups and disaster recovery that will allow your business to maintain control, even in the worst-case scenario. 

9. The Customizable Cloud 

Cloud storage is what you make of it. Devised to be completely customizable to your specific storage requirements, the cloud can be as hands-on or as set-it-and-forget-it as you want. 

10. You’re Closer Than You Think 

Chances are high that your business already uses the cloud in some form or another. Whether it’s through a web-based application, a communications system, or even personal employee storage, you’re likely already on track for cloud migration. 

Get Your Head In The Cloud 

The time to get started with cloud migration is now. Cloud solutions are a cost-effective, forward-thinking, and secure way to bring your business – and your IT program – up to full speed.  

At EMPIST, our crack team of tech experts works with you to identify the right cloud solution for every aspect of your business technology. From hands-off management to recovery systems, we’ve got the tools you need to help you reach your cloud storage goals. 

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