What You Need to Know About Outsourcing IT

Everyone needs a little support now and then, including your business. Outsourcing IT is one of the quickest ways to get your team the help they need to succeed.  

So, why haven’t you pulled the trigger yet?  

We get it. For many business owners, outsourcing IT services to another organization is a huge decision. Doing so requires that you trust your chosen provider to have the skills, technology, and personnel needed to adequately address your business’s unique needs. What’s more, finding the right team for the job can take an incredible amount of time, resources, and research – understandably, one might get overwhelmed in the process.  

Let us simplify it for you. Here is absolutely everything a business owner should know about outsourcing IT services:  

Who Provides Outsourced IT Services?  

Technology is a vital resource for any business. Vital, but complicated.  

As the world of technology continues to change at a rapid pace, so too must those businesses that provide technology services. Today, it is no longer enough for such businesses to offer tech support or helpdesk services alone. Rather, they must possess a comprehensive, strategic approach to technology in order to adequately serve their clients’ needs.  

And that’s where MSPs come in.

A Managed Service Provider (also known as an MSP) goes above and beyond that of traditional IT support. MSPs provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the solutions, operational strategies, software, and technological care a business might need in order to reach its long-term goals. In this sense, MSPs operate as your technology partner, helping you affect long-lasting and meaningful change in your organization through the application of new tech.  

MSPs are the gold standard for outsourcing IT services. To them is where you should turn when you begin your search. 

What Kind of Services Do MSPs Offer? 

Of course, each business’s IT needs are unique. While many MSPs boast similar offerings, not all of their service portfolios are created equal.  

When outsourcing IT to an MSP, it is imperative to understand which services are essential to your success. Finding the right MSP relies on it.  

Some of the common services offered by Managed Service Providers include: 

What Quality of Support Should Business Owners Expect from MSPs? 

Outsourcing tends to get a bad rap, and often for good reason. It can be hard for business owners to trust anyone but their own team to get a job done right.  

Outsourcing IT is no different. However, there are some indicators of quality among the MSP industry that point to a higher standard of technical support. They include: 

  • 24/7/365 Support 
  • Commitment to Understanding Emergent Technologies  
  • Excellent Customer Care 
  • Quick Response Times 
  • Available Reviews from Current Customers 
  • Versatility in Solutions and Products 
  • Understanding of Current Compliance and Cybersecurity Requirements 
  • And More 

Where Should I Look for a Provider? 

Like any professional service, the best place to start looking for outsourced IT is in your backyard! 

Local organizations are likely to provide quick, effective service and can often make it onsite ASAP should any issues arise.  

However, the internet-enabled nature of today’s working world means that your search needn’t be limited to your hometown alone. Top-of-class managed service providers can set businesses up with premier technology support no matter their location. Again, outsourcing IT services is all about finding the right fit for you – and it’s possible that fit can’t be found in your area. 

Why Does Outsourcing IT Services Work? 

Outsourcing IT services isn’t just a good option, for many businesses it’s the best option.  

Some of the unique benefits to entrusting your technology needs to an MSP include: 

  • An Improved Onboarding Process 
  • Access to Advanced Level Skills, Training, and Tools 
  • Constant Service 
  • Scalable Billing Without Front Loaded Costs 
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure 
  • Reduced Time-Waste 
  • Improved Efficiency  
  • Strategic Partnership Opportunities 
  • Staff Augmentation 
  • Heightened Security  
  • Increased Reporting and Continuous Improvement  
  • Opportunities for Growth & Change  

Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends at EMPIST 

In short, outsourcing IT services is about letting the experts handle your technology for you.  

At EMPIST, our team of highly trained engineers and administrators pride themselves on making business technology work for your needs. We work closely with businesses large and small to craft smart technology ecosystems that support your long-term goals.  

You can learn more about outsourcing IT with EMPIST Managed Services by visiting us online, here. To get started, contact our team now and we’ll get back to you right away! 


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