The Top 10 Perks of IT Managed Services

IT Services | November 19, 2021

You know the basics: IT Managed Services is an outsourced technology program that handles your business’s IT needs for you. 

But do you know the benefits?   

Here are the top 10 perks you can expect when your business signs up for IT Managed Services:  

Onboarding, Made Easy

Hiring is exciting! Onboarding, however, is a pain. With IT Managed Services, the stress of setting up new hires for success with technology is lifted from your shoulders. MSP’s bear the brunt of ensuring that machines are working properly and are fully loaded with the right tools for your newest team members. 

Skills on Skills on Skills

You might think that you’re tech-savvy – and to an extent, you might even be right! – but even the savviest of businesses can still benefit from the unique skillset of a managed services team. The expert engineers employed by MSPs like EMPIST have dedicated their lives to understanding what makes tech tick. With IT Managed Services, you therefore gain automatic access to a wealth of advanced technical knowledge.  

Service that Won’t Stop

When tech issues arise, you don’t have any time to waste. Small, in-house IT departments are often overworked, understaffed, and ultimately stretched for time – meaning your problems regularly go unresolved. IT Managed Services from EMPIST comes complete with 24/7/365 service so that your team is never left without coverage when you need it most.  

Did Someone Say Growth?

Outsourcing has a bad reputation, it’s true. But offloading your IT needs to an MSP doesn’t just benefit your day-to-day, it sets your business up for future growth as well. The scalable nature of IT Managed Services means that your tech resources can grow with you, increasing to fit your specific needs and decreasing if you hit a rough patch.  

Budget Friendly

Speaking of growth:  the scalable nature of outsourced IT Managed Services is an affordable alternative to hefty internal IT costs. Plus, as a service, much of the hardware, tools, and staffing costs that would usually be considered a capital expense with in-house departments are in fact operating expenses under IT Managed Services, eliminating the stress of front-loaded expenditures.  

Fewer On-Site Staff

As more and more businesses adopt a hybrid work model, limiting your on-site staff to acceptable levels is key both for safety and your bottom line. IT Managed Services cuts back the number of employees who need to be in-office for critical work.  

Only the Best Tools

Established MSPs like EMPIST work with only the best and brightest in tech tools. A managed services team provides your business with unparalleled access to the newest innovations in professional tech as well as the knowledge base you need to implement them properly.   

Add Time to the Clock

By saving you money, stress, and operating woes, IT Managed Services in turn also saves you time. Working with an MSP like EMPIST allows you to spend more time focusing on the big picture and less time worrying about your tech. 

What’s more, IT Managed Services can also reduce your risk of dangerous and costly downtime.  

Focus on YOUR Goals

We often view technology as a means to an end, a tool used to get the job done. Managed Service Providers, however, understand that the tech you use is in fact an essential resource to enacting overall business strategy. With the right skills and software, an IT Managed Services program can help you craft a technology ecosystem that not only solves day-to-day problems but also helps you achieve your long-term goals.  

Leave IT to Us

Let the experts handle your tech. Far and away, the biggest perk of IT Managed Services comes in the form of partnership. MSPs are committed to seeing their clients succeed in all that they do and aim to offer support in any way that they can.   

At EMPIST, we take these partnerships seriously. At its core, our work is making technology work for you. To learn more about EMPIST IT Managed Services, visit our website, here. To go ahead and speak with one of our experts, contact us  online today!