What is a vCIO?

IT Services | January 7, 2022

You’ve probably seen the acronym somewhere before – you may even know what it stands for – but do you know what a vCIO actually is 

Let’s find out. 

vCIOs, Explained 

Staffing your business with the right technology leadership is vital but costly. Many small and medium-sized businesses often find it difficult to justify the huge amount of time, effort, and money needed to find the right candidate to oversee the success of their IT infrastructure – especially when that infrastructure isn’t particularly large.  

However, just because a business’s network doesn’t operate on an enterprise-scale doesn’t make the quality of its tech management any less important. It’s a classic catch-22; Great IT leadership is necessary for businesses of all sizes, but businesses of all sizes can’t always afford great IT leadership. 

And that’s where a vCIO comes in. 

A vCIO, or a Virtual Chief Information Officer, provides businesses access to the knowledge, guidance, and skills of a senior-level expert without the challenges of hiring a full-time executive. A best-of-both-worlds solution, a vCIO works closely with a business’s executive team to ensure the operations of their technology ecosystem aligns with their overall business goals – but as a service, not as an employee.  

VCIOs, then, help businesses sidestep systemic barriers to top-of-the-line, strategic tech expertise.  

What Does a vCIO Do? 

A vCIO is a partner for your success. In addition to budget-friendly leadership, vCIOs also provide: 

  • Technology Administration 
  • Cybersecurity Support 
  • Customized Strategic Initiatives 
  • Vendor Relationship Management 
  • Utilization Oversight & Evaluation 
  • Operational Insights & Improvements 
  • Compliance Management 
  • Reporting & Review 
  • Scalable Growth  

Why Do I Need a vCIO? 

At EMPIST, we believe that business technology isn’t just a resource, it is a strategic tool; And the best strategic decisions require smart, thoughtful leadership if they are ever going to be successful. 

A vCIO ensures that your business not only has a well-planned IT system in place but also sets you up with a partner to lead it. As your partner, your vCIO is in-tune with the greater needs of your team and works to make sure your technology is a proactive part of helping you attain your goals.  

VCIO’s are beneficial for your structure, growth, and ultimately, your bottom line.  

Make an Executive Decision 

Adding a new executive to your team – even if it’s a virtual one – is a big decision for your company. Just anyone won’t do.  

EMPIST offers best-in-class vCIO services tailored to your specific needs. With decades of experience under our belt and a wealth of advanced knowledge and tools at our disposal, we are just the partner you are looking for.  

To learn more about working with an EMPIST vCIO, visit our services page, here. To discover the rest of EMPIST IT Managed Services, check out our main website.