Virtual CIO (vCIO)

What is a Virtual CIO?

EMPIST’s Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) Service offers you dedicated technology leadership on demand. For companies not large enough to fill a CIO position outright or simply without an internal IT department, EMPIST will investigate the state of your business’s hardware, applications, product lifecycles, and current processes for you.

Thus, ultimately developing a plan that fits both your budget and business goals. One of EMPIST’s Strategic Account Managers will then provide a full decisive roadmap spanning two years of specific technology, security, and infrastructure upgrades to help you plan for future IT investments as your business grows.

Planning for the technological future of your business requires considerable experience and expertise. Not every leadership team has the means to model a successful IT strategy on its own.

The Benefits & Features of a vCIO

  • Manageable Technological Administration
  • Cybersecurity Support
  • Customized Strategic Initiatives
  • Supports Vendor Relationships
  • Regular Utilization Evaluations
  • Guided Operational Improvements
  • Access to Compliance Data
  • Quarterly Meetings & Reporting
  • Adaptable Growth Plans with Built-In Review Process
  • Budget-Friendly Leadership


EMPIST’s Strategic Account Management team differentiates itself by considering not only your technological hardware but also process improvements when developing a future IT strategy for your business. Just like any great C-Suite level officer, an EMPIST vCIO is well-equipped to balance the demands of an ever-changing tech landscape with those of your business itself – all without the overhead cost.

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