IT Services | September 25, 2020

Top 7 Technology Problems for Small Businesses

IT Headaches Small Businesses Face 

One thing every business needs to flourish in today’s landscape is quality IT. That’s why we wanted to cover the top 7 technology problems that small businesses face, to help companies assess areas they may have some weak links. Let’s get started! 

The Top 7 Technology Problems for Small Businesses 

Backup & Disaster Recovery Issues  

If you’ve already experienced the loss of data and you hadn’t backed up your data and files, you’ll need to use data backup and recovery services to restore as much of the lost information as possible. Data recovery makes it possible to save some of the data from damaged, corrupted, or failed storage devices. However, be aware- you may never recover 100% of the data you’ve lost. Picking up the pieces is a bit messier for your business’ future than having a data backup solution ready. 

Just like many health issues can be prevented with proper diet and care, having a complete backup plan in place can prevent disaster from occurring to your precious data. Data backup isn’t as complicated or expensive as you might believe. It is far easier to back up your files to be able to restore them after something damages your computer than it is to recover them after disaster strikes. Consider a data backup plan to be your computer’s insurance policy! 

Network Security  

Every business is at risk of being hacked, making network security one of the top 7 technology problems small businesses face. Your average IT specialist doesn’t have the bandwidth to work proactively against network and data breaches. Network monitoring and professional cybersecurity services are essential to a well-functioning business model. Outsourcing your IT can take some of that weight off your staff.    

Hardware & Software Complications  

Every company deals with technology expenses. The average lifespan of office tech supplies is short. If your IT team is busy, they may not have time to perform day-to-day updates on your hardware and software. This could include small to major repairs on servers, computers, etc. Choosing to outsource these IT services can help free up valuable time for your IT staff.   

Lack of Phishing Training  

With the professional use of personal devices, social media, and mobile connectivity on the rise, your data is at more risk now than ever before of being bested by a phishing attack.  

In fact, a recent Better Business Bureau study indicates that the odds of a cyber-attack could be as high as 1 in 4 for businesses of less than 25 employees and 1 in 3 for businesses of 25 or more employees. Are you willing to take those chances lying down? Learn more about phishing training for your business here 

Strategic IT Planning Mishaps  

Don’t IT without a strategy! Businesses jumping into gear without an IT strategy are at risk of wasting money and valuable time. Remember, your IT plan should support your business plan. Designing your IT plan is something that an outsourced IT provider can do easily.   


One of the top 7 technology problems that small businesses face is integration issues. When new technologies are released, they don’t always cooperate with older systems and applications. This can cause double entry of data and several time-wasting inefficiencies. Working with an experienced Managed Service Provider can solve all these concerns.    

Frustrated Employees  

Whether your business is a startup or an enterprise-level corporation, chances are managing your IT solutions is a serious headache. Technology is constantly changing and building a program that has all the expertise, training, skill, and technical capabilities to keep up takes a large budget and an even larger chunk of your time.   

Outsourcing your IT program to a Managed Service Provider negates this inconvenience. Already equipped with the expert teams, technical know-how, and software that you need, an MSP will help you diagnose the IT solutions your business requires and then manage those solutions so that you can stay focused on your goals.   

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