5 Ways to Leverage Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a useful tool for gaining insight into what risks your organization faces while doing business online. But as a comprehensive examination of your network, devices, accounts, and more, vulnerability scanning could be leveraged to do much, much more, too.  

At EMPIST, helping your team make the most out of your technology is kind of what we do, after all. 

From investment strategies to growth tactics, here are five ways to utilize vulnerability scans to their full potential. 

To Analyze & Inventory Your Endpoints

Vulnerability scanning describes the process of combing your organization’s environment in order to identify potential security risks. Vulnerability scans work to identify those devices that connect to your network, the accounts that work within those devices, and any software your team may run, and then analyze these assets for any kind of lapse in cybersecurity.  

By pointing out the gaps in your security infrastructure, vulnerability scans also provide an inventory of the endpoints within your organization. Whether you allow users to bring their own devices or work remotely or otherwise, getting an exhaustive picture of the endpoints within your business’s network is the first step to implementing more advanced, aggressive forms of cybersecurity like Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). These proactive protocols can improve resiliency and mitigate risk throughout your ecosystem.  

To Make Smart Investments 

Understanding which gaps are present within your security stack will allow you to invest in the technology you need without any of what you don’t. 

The fact of the matter is that your organization needs to have a multi-layered security protocol in order to stay safe when working in a digital environment. However, not all layers are created equal for all businesses. Depending on the details or threats you uncover via vulnerability scanning, what security tools, solutions, or services are right for your businesses may drastically differ. Taking the time to complete a vulnerability scan will highlight the best possible place for you to invest your security budget, allowing your organization to yield results at an optimal cost.  

To Make a Case for New Tools 

The process of purchasing updated hardware or innovative software is often a lengthy one. Many technological tools are big-ticket items and, as such, tend to intimidate budget-conscious leaders and bookkeepers. 

Vulnerability scanning could give you the intelligence you need to make a compelling case for new technologies despite the price point. By making clear the issues inherent to outdated machines, data storage, software, or other tools, a vulnerability scan can take the supposed wants on your budget list and turn them into actual security needs, swaying opinions of penny pinchers in your favor.  

To Test Your Strength

In today’s digital ecosystem, it is not so much a question of if your organization will be hit with a cyberattack but when. Being able not just to ward off threats but recover from them will be crucial. 

In addition to highlighting risks within your environment, vulnerability scanning may also be able to tell you how likely your business will be to survive certain types of attacks. Be it social engineering, ransomware, or DDoS, getting a clear picture of what kind of risk is most likely to bring your organization to a halt will help you build resiliencies within your current program. 

To Jump Start Growth

Zero times zero is still zero.  

If you’re looking to multiply your business in any way in the coming year or years, you’ll have to have a good foundation to build upon. If you try to scale your business before addressing large security vulnerabilities, chances are high that those vulnerabilities will scale along with it. Completing a vulnerability scan before your growth cycle really takes off will help you identify areas of concern so that you can make necessary fixes now and start expanding with peace of mind.  

Level Up with EMPIST

Taking the next step with your business requires that you know where you stand right now.  

At EMPIST, our mission is to empower businesses with the technology they need to succeed. Vulnerability scanning is just one tool among many that we use to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses within your organization and create a game plan that will work for your goals.  

For more information on EMPIST, IT managed services, cybersecurity solutions, and more, head to our main site. To get in touch with an expert at team EMPIST, contact us online here.  


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