Vulnerability Scanning

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

We’ll run a comprehensive scan to identify any security gaps in order to put together a full remediation plan to address existing and future vulnerabilities. Scanning your network on a regular basis manages compliance requirements, gives a better understanding of your security vulnerabilities and helps implement better security practices.

Vulnerability Scanning is essential for businesses to get a full report of their network and devices to reveal any existing security issues.

The Benefits & Features of Vulnerability Scanning

  • Extensive Vulnerability Scanning & Reporting
  • Improves Security & Compliance
  • Identifies Gaps in Network’s Security
  • Prevents Data Leaks & Security Risks
  • Uses the Latest Industry Standard Tools


EMPIST uses the best tools in the industry to produce a very high-quality report. Our technical expertise remediates any security holes identified and takes corrective action.

After signing up, we deploy a security device on-site to scan your network. Next, we take the results, perform an analysis, and present a report with a remediation plan on the findings. Lastly, we go through the remediation cycle, and after this is complete, we present the client with a Certificate of Network Health to use for compliance purposes.

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