The Best Technology for Working Remotely in 2020

Business Intelligence | April 15, 2020

Looking for the best technology for working remotely? 2020 has abruptly turned into the year of working from home. Many people are adjusting to this change of pace, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Advancements in technology can make your remote office experience seamless without communication lacking or tasks falling through the cracks.  

Let’s go over the best technology for working remotely in 2020! 

Microsoft Office 365 

Hello, cloud-based collaboration! Office 365 is part of the ideal home office bundle to give you the best technology for working remotely. Providing your staff with a reliable and easilyaccessible system is a must for creating a unified and organized work environment. That’s the beauty of using a cloud-based software like Office 365. The platform does it all from implementation, the migration of email, setting up SharePoint, providing a built-in 2 Factor Authentication system, to Mobile Device Management (MDM), access to Microsoft tools and more. 

With your subscription to Office 365 comes the holy grail of office staples. These essential staples include Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. But that’s not all!  


Another great feature of Office 365! Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to seamlessly connect and communicate with your team and fellow co-workers on an ongoing basis even when you are thousands of miles away from each other. With a premier line up of benefits, it’s life-changing technology that will help you and your co-workers efficiently communicate with each other no matter where you are.  

Five key features of Microsoft Teams are team channels, team meetings, real-time collaboration, accessibility, and individual chat.  


If you’re looking for the best technology for working remotely for secure file sharing, Microsoft’s OneDrive for business is the tool for you.   

A lesser-known functionality of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, OneDrive is a fully mobile cloud-based platform that syncs worldwide in real-time. With a whopping 1TB of cloud storage available per month, OneDrive users also benefit from Microsoft’s notoriously strict security measures and reliable recovery program, keeping your business’s sensitive information protected from potential hackers or breaches.   


Not on Office 365? No problem. Dropbox has become part of the best technology for working remotely among file-sharing tools.   

Available for both personal and professional use, businesses of any size can benefit from Dropbox’s off-site storage system and flexible pricing. Accessible via Mac, PC, or mobile device, Dropbox syncs across all devices, no matter your provider. With unique features like unlimited recovery and remote account transfer included, Dropbox’s ubiquity ensures painless integration and intuitive use from day one. 


Sometimes you need more than an email to communicate with your team. The great thing about using Zoom for video conferences and phone calls is anyone with the shared number and or meeting URL can join your meeting. Making this a great solution for meetings with new clients. Zoom is also perfect for hosting large video chats, phone calls, and even webinars. 


If you are looking for a good project management tool to stay on schedule, Teamwork is on the list for the best technology for working remotely. This is a great hub to organize projects, clients, meeting notes, files, and much more. Teamwork’s automation feature even allows for task automation for a more cohesive workflow.  

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