Empist | April 25, 2019

Office 365 Features You Are Missing Out On

The Office 365 Dream Team 

With your subscription to Office 365 comes the holy grail of office staples. These essential staples include Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. 

Just in case some of you are starting from square one… 

  • Excel – is a customizable spreadsheet program.  
  • Microsoft Word – is a program that allows writers to produce various forms of content.  
  • PowerPoint – is an application that gives users the tools and templates needed to create a slideshow presentation/deck. 

All three of the programs above have a large variety of helpful features, but here are some features you may not know about. These programs have co-authoring capabilities, so you can set users permissions on documents and edit simultaneously. Another great resource to use is the Accessibility Checker. This attribute will review issues with your content to ensure everything is digestible.  

On that same note, if you’re working in Microsoft Word, you’ll have access to Learning Tools enhance the readability of your content.  

Easy Sign In 

The beauty of Office 365 is that you don’t have to install the software on your computer. You can gain access to all the major features of Office 365 by logging in via web browser and with the convenience of the Office Web app. 


As an Office 365 user, you have access to 1 TB of cloud storage through OneDrive. If you’re unfamiliar with OneDrive, it is Office 365’s cloud storage platform for your documents. In addition to this storage, the Office 365 email platform, Outlook, gives users 50 GB of email storage. The storage on OneDrive and Outlook are both free of charge.  

Chat Features 

Office 365 makes it easy for you to communicate with your team/clients by providing multiple channels to interact on. Microsoft Teams is a chat feature where you can message colleagues in groups and individually. The platform is comparable to the ever-popular Slack, but it’s free!  

Other channels of communication include the ability to screen share with other users and use the Office 365 Skype feature. 

Tech Support  

Having issues with Office 365? You can take advantage of the free tech support through the software. It’s as simple as sending over a message through the “Get Support” menu option or typing in a common question on the support page. 


As if Word wasn’t enough, Office 365 gives users a note-taking application. OneNote is an easy-to-use and shareable note-taking app within Office 365. The great thing about OneNote is that it syncs with Office 365. You can even turn notes from the app into event dates on your Outlook calendar. 


You’ve got mail! Outlook is Office 365’s email platform. With Outlook, you can organize your team’s workflow, calendar, schedule public/private meeting options and more. 

Office 365 & Your Office 

Now that you’ve explored some of the incredible features of Office 365, you’re ready to take the next steps and implement them into your workday. For more information on Office 365, check out our Office 365 questionnaire. 

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