Let’s Talk About Automations

IT Services | January 21, 2022

Don’t get frustrated – get automated.   

From reducing redundancies to improving your marketing efforts, automations are just a small part of the overall technology ecosystem that helps modern businesses tick. In fact, automation software is now so ubiquitous in today’s working world that you probably already use them in one way or another – even if you don’t recognize it.   

The question is: are you using them correctly?   

You see, when it comes to business solutions, it’s not just enough to have automations in place. Rather, you must understand how they fit into your processes for them to make a real impact.   

So, let’s talk about it. From the EMPIST help desk, here’s what you should know about automations.  

Automations: Defined

If you’re still not quite sure what an automation is, we don’t blame you. The term itself is almost purposefully vague. In short, when referring to business technology, “automation” is a catch-all that describes any application, software, or tool that performs a specific task with little to no human interaction. These tasks are usually triggered by a proceeding task, and on and on and on.   

By allowing software or machinery to handle repetitive tasks, businesses free up their employees’ schedules to tackle more complicated work. Automations simultaneously ensure that simple tasks get done and that your team can recognize their full potential.   

There’s No Limit to What You can Automate (Mostly)  

While there are certain limitations to the power of today’s automations – like high price tags, existing infrastructure, and technical knowledge, to name a few – the extent of what can be automated likely expands much further than you would think.   

In years past, creating automated business processes took massive amounts of research and skill. Today, cloud-based tools and other resources have made automations available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.   

Some of the most common (and most highly recommended) automations you can set up include:  

  • Email Marketing Tools: Digital marketing is all about nurturing client and prospective client relationships, online. Email automation tools use smart software to manage your communications for you. As an added plus, these tools also offer reporting, analysis, and integration software to keep your campaigns effective and in tune with the rest of your marketing efforts.  
  • File Transfer: By securely storing all your files off-premises, cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 give your team access to everything they may need from anywhere. This automates the once standard task of transferring files manually and guarantees that all employees have access in order to get the job done.   
  • Accounting Tasks: Automated accounts payable (AP) software can reduce time waste and provide an extra layer of security in your payment process. Deposits, recurring email notifications, invoice processes, and more can all be automated with digital AP tools.   
  • Onboarding New Employees: Onboarding your employees correctly can take quite a bit of time. However, modern HR software offers smart tools to help in the process. Auto-generated links to important forms, digital-signature software, and auto-storage can simplify onboarding so nothing vital gets lost in the shuffle.   

Advanced Automations  

In addition to everyday tools, there are a few more advanced automation solutions to consider as well.   

Machine learning and AI, for example, is also often a form of automation. From chatbots to voice technology, fraud detection to data analysis, machine learning software is still a growing field, but it is growing incredibly quickly. It’s important to note that some machine learning tools and artificial intelligence can be costly and complicated, but any business owner worth their salt should certainly be paying attention.   

In fact, machine learning is one of the EMPIST expert’s biggest tech trends to watch in 2022. While it may not be right for your business right now, stay tuned – AI gets more and more user friendly every day.   

The Benefits of Using Automations  

No matter how you choose to implement automations – and trust us, you really should – your business can expect to see some incredible benefits. Among them are:  

  • Reduced Redundancies  
  • Improved Overall Processes  
  • Increased Attention to Employee Success   
  • Stronger Connections Between Departments  
  • Improved Integration with Other Software  
  • Increased Collaboration  
  • Quicker Response Time  
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction   
  • And more!


Of course, when investing in automation software, there are a few questions to consider. Namely:  

  • Is this software cost-effective? Do you have the funds to justify the price of new technology?  
  • Does your business already have tools in your possession that might accomplish the same task? Is new automation software redundant?  
  • Will these automations benefit the success of your team and the business overall? How?  
  • Do you have the tools and skills necessary to implement these automations effectively?  
  • Are you prepared to train others on how to use this software? How does this software affect the make-up of your team?   

Not every automation will be right for each business. Asking yourself – and your advisors – these questions before implementing any major business process improvement is essential to finding the best possible solution. Again, automations provide incredible benefits, but only when applied correctly.   

From the Outdated to the Automated with EMPIST  

Getting started with automations can seem daunting, it’s true. But at EMPIST, we know that with the right information and expertise there to guide you automations can seriously improve your business and the lives of the employees who help run it.   

As your partner in technology, EMPIST can provide that guidance and then some. Our team works hard to create custom technology ecosystems that support all the automations, software, security, and storage tools your business needs to become the best version of itself.   

To learn more about getting started with EMPIST’s IT Managed Services, you can visit our services page here. To get in touch with one of our experts directly, you can contact us using this form.   

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