Make Continuous Improvement Part of Your Company’s DNA

Every company, large and small, requires ongoing improvements. Improvements helps you scale your business, optimize your customer’s experience, and allows employees to become more productive and fulfilled.


What is Business Process Improvement?

Never say “we’ve always done it this way”! There are many processes that can now be automated so your people can be doing things to move your organization to the next level. Learn about the EMPIST approach to Business Process Improvement, and visit to take the next step.

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If you have disparate systems, inefficient manual processes, or application sprawl that doesn’t benefit your business and your customers, then EMPIST’s Business Process Improvement (BPI) Service can help.

EMPIST takes a consultative approach through our BPI Service to help you identify and isolate where your process inefficiencies are, why they are happening, and, most importantly, what needs to be done to improve them. We employ the Lean Six Sigma methodology to guide our collective efforts.

We help you define, measure, and analyze specific business problems. We also have the capabilities to help you implement and roll out a newly designed process that will improve your quality, customer experience, and profitability.


Our Method, Lean Six Sigma

The objective of Lean and Six Sigma is to provide customers the highest quality and fastest delivery at minimum cost. The combination of both methodologies allows you to deliver a best-in-class product or service.

Methodology Focus - Lean

  • Waste Reduction

    Waste Reduction

  • Kaizen


  • Workplace Organization

    Workplace Organization

  • Visual Controls

    Visual Controls

  • Less Technical

    Less Technical

Methodology Focus - Six Sigma

  • Statistical Data Analysis

    Statistical Data Analysis

  • Hypothesis Testing

    Hypothesis Testing

  • Design of Experiments

    Design of Experiments

  • More Technical

    More Technical


With over 20 years of multifaceted technological experience and the expansion of our capabilities and expertise, EMPIST has become a dynamo of digital solutions. We have an extensive background in enterprise-level IT services, website and application development, marketing, and business consulting, allowing us to become the one-stop solution for your business technology.


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