What is a Network Operations Center (NOC)?

IT Services | October 31, 2022

Think of the Network Operations Center – abbreviated NOC and pronounced like “knock” – as your go-to technology hub. In brief, it is a single, centralized location wherein your IT team or MSP monitors all of your organization’s technological systems and software at once. From phone services to cloud solutions, the NOC keeps tabs on your entire ecosystem 24/7/365, leading to proactive problem-solving and continual improvements.  

As opposed to a standard help desk or internal IT department, using a NOC for your IT needs takes a comprehensive approach to day-to-day technology management. Often remotely located off-premises, NOCs offer consistent and constant support that helps your company leverage every tool in your arsenal to avoid downtime, improve efficiency, and reach your goals.  

Not to be confused with the SOC (Security Operations Center), which handles cybersecurity-specific concerns, the NOC works in tandem with the rest of your IT infrastructure to build a strong base upon which your business can flourish. 

NOC Best Practices 

Most NOCs qualify technicians on a “level” basis. When a ticket comes in (often labeled as an “incident” if it results in some kind of technical issue or outage), it’s assessed by a technician and elevated to the necessary level based on the severity of the problem at hand. As the technicians work to troubleshoot and resolve each ticket, the Network Operations Center continues churning to ensure that other problems, updates, or questions don’t go unaddressed.  

In fact, NOCs work so effectively that the end-users of your organization likely don’t even notice that they’re there.  

Benefits & Capabilities 

  • Advanced Network Support 
  • Proactive Monitoring 
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service 
  • Automatic Alert Settings 
  • Reliable Support 
  • Advanced Knowledge Base 


Who’s there? Well, it’s EMPIST, of course.  

The EMPIST Network Operations Center is just one facet of our comprehensive IT managed services. For more information on the NOC, you can visit us online here. 

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