Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, August 16, 2021

News | August 16, 2021

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5 Tech Stories to Know This Week

1. Apple Defends New Photo Scanning Child Protection Tech 

Critics purport that Apple’s newest protections raise privacy concerns.

2. Instagram Tests Ads in Its Shop Tab 

A CRM and streaming service all in one.

3. Oh Hey, Xiaomi Has Their Own Creepy Robot Dog Now 

Could CyberDog be man’s new best friend? 

4. Security Flaws Found in Popular EV Chargers

Is your car at risk? Is your safety?

5. OpenAI Can Translate English into Code with Its New Machine Learning Software Codex  

Taking the drudge work out of programming, once and for all.


The Tech Talk Newsletter Tip

From the EMPIST Help Desk

You might think your website is running just fine. You might even like it! But when it comes to maintaining a compelling digital presence, not everything is as it may appear. Even if you’re relatively happy with the current look and function of your web pages, regularly updating your website in step with emerging industry best practices is absolutely essential to the overall success of your business – especially right now. Learn more about the importance of keeping your website up to date on the EMPIST blog.


Trending Topics

Anyone have a crypto crystal ball?

The future of cryptocurrency is up in the air! After much debate, the US Senate has approved a $1 trillion infrastructure bill whose contents – in addition to continuing Covid-era broadband subsidies and expanding spending on EV chargers – could potentially spell trouble for crypto traders, experts say. Intent on offsetting some of the larger costs of the bill, lawmakers included now-controversial language surrounding crypto tax reporting that has the potential to raise over $28 billion in revenue. Traders argue that, without clarity, these new requirements could seriously hinder innovation in the space. 

Of course, uncertainties aren’t sending all crypto believers running quite yet. In fact, Pay-Pal owned Venmo just announced a new feature that would allow credit cardholders to automatically purchase crypto with cash back. Similarly, AMC has also announced their intention to start accepting Bitcoin at theaters and concessions stands. Could the promise of regulation actually give businesses the security they need to safely participate? Only time will tell.


The Tech Talk Trivia   

Question: There were only about 1,000 internet devices in 1984. Approximately how many were there by 1992?


The Weekly Marketing Spotlight   

Will leaning into augmented reality (AR) augment revenue for tech-savvy brands?

Augmented reality is making a splash in marketing headlines this week. Is it worth it for your brand to dive in? Reese’s Puffs, the popular cereal based on an eponymous candy, thinks so. Playing off the “back of the box” games we knew and loved as children, Reese’s has released 3 limited edition cereal boxes that – when used in tandem with AR-enabled technology – will allow fans to create music. Customers can place cereal pieces into position on any of the boxes and then use an app to mix, layer, edit, and publish unique songs.  

Likewise, sneaker-brand Reebok is also wading into the AR waters. Their newest venture? A mobile tool that helps kids build basketball courts using only their surroundings, ensuring everyone can access the game.


Trivia Answer: Million

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