Empist | May 6, 2020

In-Office to Remote Work Checklist

Need to Get Off on the Right Foot?

Let’s face it; changing up your work routine is no easy feat. Maybe you have already started working from home, or you are looking into switching your employees over to a remote set up. In any case, we developed a helpful guide to be used as a remote work checklist. Let’s get started!  


The In-Office to Remote Work Checklist  

 Computer Set-Up

First things first, when you are transitioning to a remote work setup, you need to make sure your employees have all the technological materials they need to do their jobs successfully. Things such as internet access, laptops, desktop monitors, computer mice, and access to any mandatory programs may be items to consider. 

Your Workspace  

As a remote employee, setting up a workspace and developing a daily routine can significantly improve your productivity and focus. Make sure it’s a space that you can sit comfortably in, not get easily distracted, and feel inspired to work. 

Factor in Time for Complications 

There are bound to be a few speedbumps in the road when you are transitioning to a new work environment. That’s why you should always factor in a time buffer with your deadlines and remember to practice patience and understanding with your team members. 

Assessing Your Priorities

A critical part of the remote work checklist is to assess your priorities and make clear guidelines for everyone on what their role is in the company. 

Communication Tools

When you are working from home, communication is key! Using a real-time application for communication is a helpful solution to solve day-to-day issues. We recommend platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.   

Cybersecurity Protocol

Are your employees properly trained in cybersecurity best practices? One of the biggest cybersecurity threats of working from home is email phishing. If you are not familiar with the term “phishing,” it’s the act of tricking users to click on an encrypted link or email. Once you’ve clicked on the link, the hacker will spam your account with malware or other dangerous viruses. 

 Phishing tests provide your employees with security awareness training. Consider your users as a line of defense in the event of a cyber-attack. 

Annual Meetings

Taking 15 minutes to chat can make all the difference to a remote employee! An important thing to add to your remote work checklist is to schedule regular meeting times with everyone. This ensures your staff is on the same page with all their tasks and encourages team collaboration. 

Task Management 

Don’t let things fall through the cracks! A task management application makes it easy to share and organize your projects, tasks, files, and more. The best part is you can easily share this information with clients and guests, so having an account isn’t necessary. 

Use What You’ve Learned 

Once you have started working from home, the most valuable thing you can add to your remote work checklist is the lessons you’ve learned along the way to make working remote the best it can be.  

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