Mastering Remote Work Using Microsoft Teams

IT Services | March 20, 2020

Home Office Survival  

With global health concerns circling, several businesses are switching to remote work. With everyone out of the office, it can be challenging to stay in the loop on all the projects and tasks. A great resource to consider is Office 365’s free application Microsoft Teams 

If you are already using the Office 365 Suite, Microsoft Teams is included in the package. Instead of paying extra for a communications app like Slack, check out all the ways you can utilize Microsoft Teams during remote work. 


The biggest plus to using any of the Office 365 applications is you can easily access them from anywhere without connecting to a server. Making this the ideal platform to use while you are cranking out your remote work in the home office, coffee shop, or wherever life takes you. 

Let’s Chat  

Office 365 makes it easy for you to communicate with your team/clients by providing multiple channels to interact on. Microsoft Teams is a chat feature where you can message colleagues in groups and one-on-one. 

Chat Filtering  

By clicking the filtering icon on the top right of the chat window, you can type in any keyword to pull up any related conversation or shared document sent through Teams. 


Want to stay organized with your remote work? If you want to save a message, article, etc., sent to you via Teams, you can bookmark it using the horizontal three-dotted menu on each individual message or on an entire conversation thread. 

Teams Calls  

There’s no need to search for another way to make team phone calls during remote work. You can easily use Microsoft Teams to make individual and group phone calls within the application using the phone icon to the left of the Teams screen. 

Video Chat  

Add a personal element to a virtual meeting with the video chat feature from Microsoft Teams. Easily start a video call by clicking on the video icon in the righthand corner of the screen’s chat window. 

Calendar Syncing  

Trying to stay on schedule with your remote work? Your Office 365 calendar syncs up to the calendar feature within the Teams application, so you never miss a beat. You can even schedule meetings through Microsoft Teams. 

Screen Sharing  

Trying to walk someone through a new internal process or presentation? There is a screen sharing option you can launch during a chat session on Teams.  

File Sharing  

Collaboration is key! You can share files within the chat on Teams and even collaborate live within the doc right on the app. 

Where’s the Remote?  

There are so many features at your disposal while using Microsoft Teams! The various avenues of communication can help streamline remote work and keep everyone in the loop. Not to mention, it’s all free within the Office 365 Suite.  

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you are probably already working remotely.  To help businesses worldwide, we are offering free implementation of Microsoft Teams through the end of March 2020.  Contact us to get started.

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