EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, March 16, 2020

News | March 16, 2020

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It’s time for some EMPIST weekly news! Dive into our Tech Talk Newsletter for the latest in technology, digital marketing, and much more. Let’s get started! 

EMPIST Weekly News: Tech Update 

How is the Coronavirus changing business technology? As you know, China is a major player in the tech industry, but with the recent pandemic, work conditions have shifted drastically. Things like virtual meetings, online education, digital healthcare, cybersecurity, and telecommunications are becoming the new norm. Will this outbreak shape the future of technology in the workplace? Read the full story >> 

EMPIST Weekly News: Coffee with Kampas  

Episode 21: What Is Digital Transformation? 

You’ve likely heard the term “digital transformation” being used lately, but do you understand what it entails? In this episode of Coffee with Kampas, EMPIST Founder and CEO John Kampas discusses what exactly digital transformation is and why it’s important for your business. Watch now >>  


This Week’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns 

The world of digital marketing campaigns has never been wider. But with all that competition, how are you possibly supposed to stand out from the crowd? 

Tough as it may be, brands are still finding new and noteworthy ways to make an impact through digital activations. And if they can do it, chances are you can too – all you need is a little inspiration to grease those creative gears. Read the blog >>

The EMPIST Weekly News Tech Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Did you know there is a “Save as PDF” option built into Microsoft Office? There is no need to print, scan, or use a third-party app for documents! 

The EMPIST Weekly News Tech Trivia  

Question: In computing, the term “BIOS” is used often, but what does it stand for?  

The EMPIST Weekly News Marketing Spotlight 

Loyalty programs have been around for ages, but with advancements in technology, marketers have been using other outlets to encourage repeat purchases from consumers. However, with the new consumer data laws around cookie browsers, the loyal program may bounce back stronger than ever.  Read the full story >> 

Trivia Answer: Basic Input Output System  

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