EMPIST Tech Talk Newsletter: Monday, November 25, 2019

News | November 25, 2019

EMPIST Tech Talk

The Tech Talk Newsletter

It’s time to start your week with another Tech Talk Newsletter! Get the latest tech news, marketing trends, company updates, and more. Let’s get started!

The Tech Talk Newsletter Update

Last week, thousands of users had their Chrome browsers crash due to an internal “silent experiment.” After several complaints of the browser’s unresponsiveness, Google had to come forward and announce they were performing a test on stable versions of the Chrome browser. But why was no one informed beforehand? Read the full story >>


The Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns for 2019

Hello, Black Friday (my old friend)

Are you struggling to find the right idea for your Black Friday marketing campaign? Have no fear! We’ve recapped some of our favorite promotions to help you strike inspiration with your 2019 campaign. Let’s stop stalling and get into it! Read the blog >>

The Tech Talk Newsletter Tech Tip

From the EMPIST Help Desk

With today’s advancements in technology, hackers can change their caller-id to appear to be a more credible contact. For example, their caller-id may say “IT department” to try to gain your trust to give away sensitive information.

The Tech Talk Newsletter Trivia

Question: The first web browser that was available for Microsoft’s Windows OS was?

Answer: Cello

The Tech Talk Newsletter’s Digital Marketing Spotlight

Is your standard commercial enough in today’s competitive digital market? Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t seem to think so, releasing their CGI animated holiday campaign earlier this month. The professionally directed ad campaign was entitled “The New Kid,” featuring the latest Nike Air Max 270 React shoe coming to life among all the other animated sporting equipment. Read the full story >>

Coffee with Kampas

Episode 9: Creating an Incident Response Plan

Tune in for our most recent episode of Coffee with Kampas, hosted by EMPIST Founder & CEO John Kampas! This week, John is discussing the importance of creating an incident response plan for your business. No matter how effective your business’s cybersecurity plan is, incidents can still happen. The actions you take before and after an incident or breach can mean the difference between a minor disruption and a complete disaster. Watch now >>

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