The Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns for 2019

Hello, Black Friday (my old friend)

Are you struggling to find the right idea for your Black Friday marketing campaign? Have no fear! We’ve recapped some of our favorite promotions to help you strike inspiration with your 2019 campaign. Let’s stop stalling and get into it!


The first Black Friday marketing campaign on the list is the cosmetic guru ColourPop! Now, it’s very common to run a buy-1-get-1-free promotion, but ColourPop added a fun twist to this classic deal. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, there was a new lipstick shade promoted each day for the buy-1-get-1-free deal.

This simple tweak adds excitement for consumers, wondering which color will be on sale each day. At the same time, it creates a sense of urgency to buy the lipstick shade on sale before it goes back to full price the following day.


The sustainable shoe brand Allbirds did something unheard of for their Black Friday marketing campaign. They didn’t have a sale. You heard that right. Instead, the high-end brand released an exclusive shoe available only during Cyber Week. Thus, creating the “limited time only” effect without decreasing their profit margins. Pretty smooth, Allbirds.


The fitness apparel company Gymshark took their Black Friday marketing campaign quite literally. Leading up to Black Friday, Gymshark ran ads with models sporting all-black apparel up against a solid black background.

The promotion got people’s attention as it defied the standard rules of branding photography. (You couldn’t see the clothes.) Then, when Black Friday hit, the company announced a huge sale with discounts as low as 50% off.

Steve Madden

There is something to be said for sticking with a tried and true approach. The shoe retailer Steve Madden is a prime example of this with their Black Friday marketing campaign.

Before Black Friday sales began, Steve Madden advertised early access to their Black Friday sales by subscribing to their email list. This accomplishes two things. The first thing is that it increases their email subscribers. The second is that it urges the consumer to start shopping early before all the good items are sold out.

Ivory Ella

The cause-based clothing brand Ivory Ella curated a way to give back for its Black Friday marketing campaign. The company has, for a few years, run a promotion known as Giving Tuesday. The point of this campaign is to start running it the Tuesday after Black Friday when all the sales buzz has gone down.

On Giving Tuesday 100% of the brand’s proceeds go towards buying coats for children in need. This also creates a shareable social media movement that anyone would be excited to post about when their order came in.

Wrapping Up Black Friday

The most important things to remember when our developing your Black Friday marketing campaign are urgency, branding, and interest.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Will my sale/promotion present customers with an exclusive value?

2) Does this promotion marry well with my brand?

3) Does the campaign create a sense of interest or mystery?

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