IT Services | December 20, 2022

6 Simple Process Automations Your Business Can Implement Right Now

Stop sweating the small stuff and start automating it instead. It may seem inconsequential, but even the tiniest process automations can dramatically affect your business’s efficiency and efficacy.  

And we do mean tiny.  

It turns out that you don’t always need the biggest, most advanced technological solutions at your disposal to take advantage of automation. In fact, you may already have the capabilities needed to get started.  

Here are 6 quick process automations your business can put in place to start driving results today.  

Process Automation, Defined

Process automation defines the act of analyzing your business for inefficiencies and implementing machine or software-driven tools to solve them. The thought is that, as your business works to eliminate unnecessary, repetitive, or simple tasks from the workload, your organization will see an increase in productivity and effectiveness over time.  

While process automation may seem like a large undertaking – and to an extent, it is – there’s no reason your business can’t get started with a few small steps in the right direction. As you contemplate making the switch to more automated technologies, newer services, or more innovative tools, we’re confident that you can kick process automation off with a few easy changes and still see some results.  

Here’s what we recommend: 

Employee Onboarding 

Innovative HR tools and software can make getting your new employees onboarded a breeze, but you don’t have to get the latest tech involved to get started optimizing the hiring process. 

Setting up automatic welcome emails for when a new employee’s address is added, automatic contract emails with all the information they’ll need, and more can streamline the onboarding process, ensuring that your staff can hit the ground running no matter how new to the organization they are.  

Password Management 

Why struggle to remember all of your complicated passwords when you can enlist software to do it for you? 

Password management tools like LastPass take the guesswork – and manual tasks – out of logging in to your digital tools. Easy to use and quick to install, LastPass will automatically fill your login fields with the correct information so that your team doesn’t waste time trying to remember which combination of characters is attached to which account. This also frees up time for your IT team or MSP, who will deal with fewer login-related issues.  

What’s more, because LastPass automates this process, you get the added benefit of improved cybersecurity. With LastPass, your users can create more complicated credentials, which equals better protection and better business operations overall. 

Email Filtering 

It’s a simple thing, but it really works; This is your sign to finally start filtering your emails.  

Customizing your inbox with pre-set filters and functions can significantly reduce time waste AND improve productivity. The more organized your messages are, the more organized your day will be, and the better results you can expect.  

Data Backup

Backing up your data should be second nature by now, but wouldn’t it be better if you never had to remember to back up at all? 

Enabling automatic backups of your organization’s data, processes, and more can ensure that you always have access to the information or tools you need in the case of an outage. Work with your MSP or IT provider to develop a schedule that fits with your industry, network, and operational needs to start seeing meaningful improvements.  

File Transfer 

Storing your data in cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 eliminates the timely – and, depending on location, often costly – process of file transfer. With cloud storage, you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe AND accessible by those who need it regardless of where they are located. 

Plus, your organization likely has some form of cloud storage in use. All you have to do is start applying it.  

Marketing Tools

We’re willing to bet that your organization is already using automated tools for marketing functions like email or social. But are you using them to their full potential? 

Optimizing marketing tools by generating automated reports, sending timely follow-ups, and tracking results will help your business make the most out of your marketing budget and reduce white noise in your software.  

Did You Process All That?

We’ll give you a second to take it all in. 

Okay, second over! The migration to automation starts right now.  

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