Cloud Services | September 24, 2021

Top 5 Reasons You Haven’t Switched to the Cloud, Debunked

Excuses, excuses – we’ve heard them all before!  

As self-described techies, it’s easy for us to forget how intimidating the cloud can really be. Cloud computing is, after all, a relatively new and sophisticated technology; Why wouldn’t you be a little cautious before hopping on board?  

Understandable as your reservations are, we promise that the cloud isn’t nearly as scary as it appears. From storage to security, it’s a necessary tool for any business to stay competitive, productive, and flexible.  

Let us dispel your concerns a bit further: these are the top 5 reasons our team hears as to why business owners like you haven’t switched to the cloud yet – and why they’re also dead wrong.  

1. You Still Don’t Quite Understand the Cloud

It’s okay, you can come clean! We get this one all the time.

For those unfamiliar with the technology itself, the cloud can be pretty difficult to grasp – but you shouldn’t let a lack of technical know-how limit your resources.  

In its simplest form, “the cloud” refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, as well as the software that runs on those servers. Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand services via that software. So, any data processing, storage, networking, analysis, or intelligence gathering that happens within the cloud would be considered cloud computing.  

Cloud computing is a replacement for outdated, on-premise data centers, immovable hardware, and other old-school processes. It offers a more dynamic, more accessible approach to business that older tech simply cannot replicate.  

2. Your Current Setup Works “Just Fine” 

If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?  

Usually, we’d absolutely agree with you! But when talking about technology for your business, broken might not actually be the best measure.  

While your current solutions might technically work, without access to the cloud there are likely a lot of gaps in your overall capabilities. These gaps often lead to time waste, lost momentum, and even potential security risks which, in turn, can have a devastating effect on your bottom line.  

Therefore, switching to the cloud isn’t so much about fixing a current problem as it is about anticipating future problems. The nature of cloud computing is that it grows and changes with your business, allowing you to make constant improvements without outdated technology holding you back.   

3. You Think the Cloud is Less Secure than On-Premise Options 

We can see why you might think that an internet-accessible server wouldn’t be as safe as a traditional one. In reality, however, the cloud is an incredibly secure option for any business.  

As our technology gets more advanced, so too, do cybercriminals. To adequately protect your sensitive information, you need a solution that can adapt to emerging threats and quickly implement improvements. What’s more, most data stored on the cloud is encrypted, making it that much harder to crack.  

While it’s true that there are some instances in which your data is better suited to an on-premise storage option, opting for a hybrid model with some cloud access can improve your overall security.  

4. You’re Nervous About Migration   

Moving your data and processes is always nerve-wracking, but with the right partner, cloud migration doesn’t have to be. 

Cloud service providers can help guide your migration so that your data stays safe and intact, all without the risk of excessive downtime. In the hands of the experts, you can rest assured that the entire transformation goes smoothly.

5. You Just Don’t Think the Cloud is For You  

Cloud services aren’t one-size-fits-all – but there are cloud options for every kind of business. The cloud that you are familiar with might not be a perfect fit, but there are a lot of different configurations to choose from. Some basic choices include:

Choosing the right cloud services for your business is just as crucial as your decision to make the switch itself. Knowing what to look for is a great first step.

Stop Worrying, We’ve Got You

Above all else, if you’re still wary about switching to the cloud, know that EMPIST is here to help guide you.

We take pride in making things work for you. Our team of expert technicians and engineers can help you find – and implement – the right cloud services for both your longterm and day-to-day goals.

Ready to get started? Contact EMPIST online today to learn more about our cloud services.