10 Tips for Staying Organized Working from Home

Business | March 26, 2020

Working from Home?  

Many people are working from home during this time. However, if working remotely is something you are not used to, it can be quite an adjustment. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to keep your productivity up while maintaining your mental health. 

10 Tips for Staying Organized Working from Home 

1. Make a To-DList 

If you don’t start your day with a plan, things can easily fall through the cracks. That’s why it’s valuable to take 5 minutes at the beginning of the workday to map out your schedule. 

2. Create a Workspace   

Before you start working from home, set up a workspace for yourself. Make sure it’s a space that you can sit comfortably in, not get easily distracted, and feel inspired to work. 

3. Communicate Regularly  

When you are working from home, communication is key! The rule is to never assume and always send the message or email to confirm things with your clients and or co-workers. Using a real-time application for communication is another helpful solution. We recommend Microsoft Teams. 

4. Exercise  

This tip is not for during work hours, but it is something that can put you in a better mood while you are working. Getting some exercise in before work, after work, or even during lunch can help that stir-crazy feeling and give you more energy. 

5. Eat Right  

Eating healthy is a simple thing you can do to keep your energy up while you are working from home. When you aren’t around other people and sitting at home, it can be easy to feel sluggish. Eating right can give you the extra boost you need to get through the workday. 

6. Take Short Breaks 

Have you ever worked from home and realized it’s 2 pm and you haven’t eaten anything yet? It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you are working remotely, so take the time to check in with yourself. Take 5 minutes every few hours to walk around, stretch, make a cup of tea or coffee. It can really help you come back to work with a clearer head. 

7. Know Your Limitations  

Remember, just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you can’t say no to work beyond your bandwidth. You will burn out fast if you don’t create healthy work boundaries for yourself. 

8. Task Management Tools  

Using task management tools to keep track of your work projects is a great way to stay organized. It’s an easy way to organize projects, message threads, assign tasks, and much more. 

9. Develop a Routine  

Everyone typically has a routine at work when they are in the office, so having one while you are working from home makes for an easier transition. 

10. Stay off Social Media  

Staying away from time-wasting websites and apps while you are working remotely can help you stay focused. 

Let’s Get to Work  

Now that you’ve reviewed our tips for staying organized working from home, we hope it helps you stay on track and have a more enjoyable remote working experience. 

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