10 Business Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s easy to overthink writing blogs for your business, but with the right guidelines, there are simple things you can do to make your content great. We’ve crafted a list of 10 business blogging mistakes to avoid, to take your blog to the next level. 

10 Business Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

 1. Writing a Blog That Is Not Reader-Friendly

This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes to avoid when you are creating content for your business. The issue a lot of business owners have is they want to make sure they come off as experts in their field. This causes them to develop content that goes over the average reader’s head.  

There is a place for expert-level content, but people read blogs to help simplify learning things and for entertainment. If your blog is reading more like a textbook, your readers will be less inclined to finish the blog and share it on social media. Remember, reading a blog shouldn’t be a chore. 

2. Forgetting to Proofread Your Content

A simple grammatical error or misspelling can lower the creditability of your blog and brand. After starring at your content for hours at a time, it’s easy to miss a simple mistake. If you can have someone else read over your blog for errors, thats a great way to catch any mistakes before the blog goes live.  

Sometimes you may not have that luxury, so another option is to step away from your blog and come back to it later with fresh eyes. We also recommend using a grammar checker like Grammarly as an editor. 

3. Creating Content That Makes You Sounds Like a Business

creating content

Wait, don’t I want to sound like a business? This may seem like a counterintuitive thing to bring up as blogging mistakes to avoid, but we promise you it’s not. There is a fine line that businesses walk when they are blogging. You want to showcase what you do, what you know, what you sell, etc.; however, you do not want to come off too sales-y.  

Don’t directly pitch your products and services in your blog; talk around them. Come up with topics that support what your business is all about while keeping up a fun and relatable tone. 

4. Forgetting to Invest Time in a Keyword Strategy  

What is the point of writing a blog if no one will see it? Doing keyword research before you write your blog is a crucial step in creating blog content for your business.  

Choosing the best keyword requires you to analyze what people would be searching for the most online regarding your brand. Then, you need to pick a keyword/keyword phrase with a high search volume and a low competitive percentage. This gives your blog the best chance of being seen when someone is searching online. 

5. Not Having a Distribution Plan for Your Blog

Not having a plan for your blog once it is published is another one of the big blogging mistakes to avoid as a business. Unless you are getting tons of traffic to your website daily, it is not likely that readers will find your blog organically. Come up with creative campaigns with email, your social media channels, and cross-post on content-sharing platforms like Medium 

Another way you can get more people to read your blogs is to collaborate with a popular brand in your space to share your content or even work together to write a blog. 

6. Failing to Commit 100% to Your Topic

Like anything, if you don’t embrace it 100%, people will not be on board with you. Think about watching a movie where the actor is only in character 70% of the time. Sound terrible? Yeah, we agree.  

This happens with business blogs all the time. Writers will throw in a few fun lines and then shift gears into a different tone. Bouncing in-between voices is distracting to the reader and will also come off as sloppy writing. If you have a voice, theme, or idea for your blog, make sure you execute it throughout the entire piece. 

7. Boring Content

boring content

Yawn, am I right? Boring content is a silent killer in the world of content creation. As blogging mistakes to avoid goes, this is a must. When someone clicks on your blog to read it, it’s because you presented them with a question or idea that spiked their interest. However, if your blog proves to be dry, ill-informed, or lacking originality, your readers will look elsewhere.  

Let’s face it; the reason reading is a popular hobby is because of the connection good writing makes with its readers. If you can’t relate, reevaluate. 

8. Overwhelming Your Readers with Information

It’s a blog, not a landfill, so please stop content-dumping. Though some writers don’t post content that is long enough, another issue writers face is adding in too much information. Have one focus for your blog. If you try to cram in several topics, your reader is going to have a harder time leaving with a final takeaway.  

If you have all these ideas you want to cover, just organize them into several blog topics. This is an easy way to structure a content campaign or populate your blogging schedule. 

9. Lack of Engaging Imagery & Video 

imagery and video

It’s important to break up your content with well-designed images, GIFS, and or videos. This includes using an engaging picture for your blog image. Another thing to consider is making sure all your company’s blog images work together as a cohesive theme. This will give your brand a polished esthetic. 

10. Publishing Your Blog Irregularly

Publishing blogs irregularly is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid so that you can stay relevant. When someone visits your website and sees that you haven’t posted a new blog in the past few months, this directly reflects on your company. 

Even if you don’t have the bandwidth to blog weekly, posting a quality blog post once a month is enough to give your company’s blog a decent online presence.   

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