Digital Agency | January 31, 2020

5 Digital Design Trends for 2020

2020 has arrived, and the future of graphic design is here. Whether you’re a designer looking to boost an existing skill or a business owner browsing for marketing inspiration, these design trends are sure to pop up in all aspects of digital design in the coming year. 

Escalated Minimalism

Flat, minimal designs have secured their spot in the world of digital art for the last decade. This seemingly simple stylistic approach utilizes solid color bases, intuitive 2D illustrations, and easily legible typography. Don’t let the simplicity fool you; employing minimalism often produces very striking and visually appealing outcomes. Minimalism isn’t going away anytime soon, rather it’s getting bolder, smarter, and more intense in 2020. 





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Maximized Monochrome

The bold, unapologetic use of single tones is projected to play a major role in digital design trends in 2020. Monochromatic compositions take the challenges of minimalism to new heights. From photo overlays to fully designed 3D mockups, this trend disrupts the norm of multi-color visuals, making it strikingly effective. This is yet another example of a seemingly simple design concept that can prove to be demanding – but when done correctly is nothing short of satisfying. 



YellowYogurt_img RedDisk_img


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Bold Typography

In the world of 2020 design trends, the typography craze reigns supreme. The rise in typography-only compositions has designers often ditching classic imagery & photography altogether and getting straight to the message. From artistic, decorative typography to simple, bold fonts, this approach leads to innovative, modern designs that deliver a brands message in the most direct way possible. Designers continue to break the rules when it comes to typography, now favoring intrigue over legibility with complex lettering and added animations. 


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Next-Level GIF Animations

The use of motion is now more popular than ever in email marketing & web design trends. Branded animations bring stories to life by providing a complex visual that is not just unique to an individual entity but also draws the eye in a way that static designs may struggle to replicate. In 2020, GIFs are expected to become more technically advanced & personalized, allowing the viewer to take a more interactive role in a brand’s storytelling experience. 






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Illustrated Isometrics

Isometric illustrations have been on the path of popularity for years now, and in 2020, designers are continuing to evolve this trend. Because of their ability to display 3-dimensional graphics in a 2-dimensional space in a hyper-creative way, they offer a more unique, almost futuristic perspective than their flat counterparts used to present. This year, designers will continue to push the boundaries with super-engaging animations & vibrant compositions to make the perceived 3D viewing experience more real than ever. 




poolwebsite Room

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The Future of Design Is Now

When it comes to design, one thing you can count on is a constant evolution. 2020 will bring fresh, playful takes on previous trends and the creation of innovative new concepts. From web design and email marketing to presentations and infographics, keep an eye out for these trends as they present themselves across the board of digital design! 

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