Digital Agency | January 4, 2020

Youtube: How to Broadcast Yourself


If you’re preparing to start a channel on YouTube or want to experiment with live broadcasting to expand your existing audience, you might be wondering where to start and how to make your videos stand out from the pack. 

There are a lot of content creators on YouTube vying for the audience’s attention, and doing live broadcasts is one way you can make yourself stand out. These broadcasts are a little different from videos you edit after recording and uploading to the platform, which makes some creators a little hesitant to start doing them. But with a little research and preparation, these can be the easiest kinds of videos to make. 

Here are some tips for how to broadcast yourself using Youtube live and growing an audience that enjoys your content:

Select the Right Topics for Your Audience

Matching the interests of your potential fans is the best way to grow a devoted audience that tunes in for your content on a regular basis. You can use the tools provided by YouTube in the Creator Suite to see what topics are trending, the hashtags that are drawing eyes, and what people are searching for the most often. 

These analytics will give you some data to back up your gut feelings about what people want to see in your videos. Incorporating the topics you identify through research into your title or video description will help you show up in the searches people perform when they come to YouTube. 

Be Prepared but Flexible When You Broadcast

If you want to truly know how to broadcast yourself using Youtube live, it‘s great to have an outline or an idea of what you will talk about. But the main thing that distinguishes YouTube live videos from standard ones is the ability for the audience to interact with you. Be sure to take time to read comments, answer questions, and say hi to fans who follow your channel. This will help to build up a following that watches your live videos as they air instead of later on, which will help your overall analytics. 

Capitalize on Late Breaking News

One of the main reasons people prefer YouTube to traditional television is because it provides a real look into what is happening in the world rather than a Hollywood interpretation of real life. Keep your video interesting by talking about the latest information that pertains to your topic. This might make your video more compelling than pre-recorded ones about the same subject.  

Once you’ve learned the basics of how to broadcast yourself and have practiced by doing a few live broadcasts for your audience, you can begin experimenting with new graphics, background music, special guests, and other innovations that will help keep your videos interesting in the long run. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you in how to broadcast yourself using Youtube live. Good luck! 

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