What Are the Benefits of IT Managed Services?

IT Services | October 7, 2022

By 2025, the financial impact of cybercrime could reach $10.5 trillion. Unfortunately, 59% of buyers are likely to avoid companies that suffered an attack in the past year. And spending additional time and money trying to fortify your company’s defenses might not prove effective.

Instead, consider requesting IT-managed services like cybersecurity support. With help from an experienced IT team, you can safeguard your company and streamline operations.

On the fence? Read on to discover the top benefits of hiring managed service providers today!

Access to Experienced Experts

If you lack years of experience in IT administration, cybersecurity support, and cloud computing, you likely won’t become an expert overnight. Without relevant experience and expertise, however, you could struggle to make informed decisions for your business. Instead, consider turning to IT-managed services this year.

Your IT team can become a valuable, reliable resource for information. They can help you make informed decisions regarding your company’s IT needs. If you encounter unfamiliar territory, they can simplify the concept, helping you make more effective decisions. 

Look for a managed IT company that offers access to a team of experts in a range of areas. 

These teams can help fill any gaps in your in-house team’s knowledge base. These teams also continue learning over time. As new IT trends and technologies emerge, you won’t have to worry about falling behind. 

Meanwhile, you can call on your managed services provider if you need help with specific IT projects. You won’t have to waste time finding, recruiting, and training a new full-time employee. Instead, you can save time, money, and energy by relying on your managed service providers. 

If you ever have questions or concerns about your IT infrastructure, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re only a phone call away.

Meanwhile, your IT team will work as an extension of your business to help you accomplish long- and short-term goals. 

Proactive Solutions

There’s an 80% increase in revenue for businesses that can improve their customer experiences. Meanwhile, over 85% of customers say they’ll pay more for better experiences. Another 73% say customer experiences help drive their buying decisions. 

Technical issues can impact the customer’s experience with your business. If they feel frustrated, they might turn to one of your competitors instead. 

Remember, some people will stop trusting your business if you recently experienced security problems, too.

If consumers can’t trust your brand, they’ll turn to your competitors. Without loyal customers, your ROI won’t improve. Your business won’t grow as a result. 

Unfortunately, many businesses still use the break-fix method when it comes to resolving IT issues. They wait until there’s a problem to fix. Then, they waste time trying to determine the best solution.

Hiring an IT-managed services provider can help you get proactive about your IT infrastructure. Instead of waiting for problems, your IT team can spot potential issues ahead of time. Then, they can make the necessary changes to help you avoid those issues. 

The improvements they make can reduce operational costs and customer frustrations. Then, you can start improving the customer experience to retain customers. As your ROI improves, you can set your business up to grow. 

Stronger Security

Over 40% of cyberattacks target small businesses. No business is immune from an attack. If you’re worried about your security, consider requesting cybersecurity support this year. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to improve your security. If you’re not doing enough to protect a consumer’s private information, they might struggle to trust you. If they can’t trust you, they might take their business elsewhere. 

Improving your current security setup will show your customers you’re worthy of their trust. You can show them you care about their needs, priorities, and safety. 

Adequate data protection is mandatory by law. Hiring a managed IT team will also ensure you’re following the necessary laws and procedures. 

Each data breach can cause significant losses. Some businesses end up shutting down as a result of these breaches. Talking to a managed IT team now could protect your business for years to come.

It’s not enough to set up a firewall and leave your security setup as-is, though. After all, hackers are getting smarter and more resilient. It’s important to find new, more effective ways to strengthen your defenses over time.

Otherwise, hackers could hold your customers’ information for ransom, leading to monetary losses. 

Look for companies that offer 24-hour monitoring services. If there’s ever an issue, they’ll step in to ensure you and your customers are protected. 

Remain Competitive

There’s a chance your competitors are already investing in managed service providers. If you don’t outsource your IT needs, your competitors could improve their business efficiency before you get the chance. They might have an easier time appealing to your would-be customers as a result.

You don’t need to blow through your budget to pay for IT-managed services. Instead, look for a company that will allow you to customize your plan. You can choose the services you need most to remain competitive within your industry. 

Improving your business efficiency and productivity will help your team work smarter, not harder. Instead of struggling with IT frustrations, they can help your business grow.

Your managed services providers can identify incoming trends that might impact your industry. With their help, you can jump on these trends before your competitors get the chance. You could find new opportunities to get a lead within your niche as a result. 

Immediate Responses

Remember, many businesses still rely on the break-fix method, which can waste valuable time. During that time, customers can grow frustrated before deciding to leave your business for another. With IT services, you don’t have to worry about costly delays.

Your IT team will respond immediately to any issues that might impact your productivity. Their immediate responses will ensure your customers don’t experience lasting disruptions.

Whether there’s a ransomware attack, system-wide shutdown, or data breach, you’ll have peace of mind. Your IT team can handle the issue while you turn your attention to other parts of your business.

Otherwise, you’ll have to set everything else down to fix the problem before it impacts your daily operations. If there’s an issue at 4 in the morning, it will likely have to wait until business hours. Instead, look for a team that offers 24-hour support.

Your managed services provider will remain vigilant. They’ll step in to fix any problems that might otherwise slow down your operations.

Their experience and expertise also ensure they’ll detect the proper solution without wasting valuable time.

Reduce Costs

Hiring a huge in-house IT team might not prove cost-effective. You might find your in-house team lacks certain areas of expertise for specific projects, too. You don’t have to keep hiring employees, though.

Instead, turn to your managed services providers for help. You can outsource specific projects or have them step in to help your in-house team. 

Nearly 60% of businesses already outsource to reduce costs. The money you save can go to other areas of your business instead. 

Your IT team will also help you control how you spend your money. For example, they can help you make informed decisions about the equipment and software you need. Remember, they can also help you develop a plan to ensure you only pay for the IT services you want. 

Instead of building a large in-house team, you can cut back expenses by outsourcing. 

Remain Compliant

Your managed IT services providers can help you remain compliant, too. If you’re struggling to recognize new data and privacy regulations, ask for help. Otherwise, dropping the ball could impact your business.

For example, you might have to pay a hefty fine if you neglect to remain compliant.

Your IT provider can keep up with the latest laws and regulations for you. They’ll make sure you never fall behind. Instead, they’ll implement the necessary measures so you won’t have to worry. 

Maintain Focus

If you have to set aside projects to fix IT problems, it can steal time and attention away from your business. Working with managed service providers will help you maintain your focus. You can avoid getting distracted by IT concerns or security issues.

With their help, you can improve your business efficiency and productivity. Your output should increase, allowing your business to grow. 

Track Relevant Trends

New technology trends pop up throughout the year. If you’re not remaining informed about these trends, it could impact your business. For example, consumers might recognize you’re falling behind.

They might decide to turn to your competitors instead. 

Your managed service providers will keep you informed about new trends that are relevant to your business. You won’t have to make changes every time there’s something new. Instead, you can choose trends that are most likely to benefit your business. 

Strong Support: Experience the Benefits of IT-Managed Services Firsthand

Don’t neglect your company’s IT needs this year. Instead, consider IT-managed services. With help, you can boost your productivity, cut costs, and enable your business to grow.

Experience these benefits firsthand by requesting IT-managed services today. 

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