The Scariest Cybersecurity Stories

Cybersecurity | October 29, 2021

Double, double, toil and trouble, ignore cybersecurity and your business will buckle! You can keep your monsters, your ghouls, your zombies, and your ghosts, to team EMPIST there’s nothing scarier than a hacker’s hoax.  

Try as you might, your data’s not protected, there’s always a threat that you haven’t detected. If you dare, just know, beware: anyone can get caught in a criminal’s snare. There’s no time to waste, you must act now – follow our lead, we’ll show you how. 

Heed our warning, hear our call, read on to discover the scariest cybersecurity stories of them all. 

Happy Haunting!  

The Terrifying Tale of the Colonial Pipeline Ransom

Cybersecurity Scary Stories: The Colonial Pipeline

When hackers strike, we should all be scared. Gather ‘round the campfire, let us tell you the harrowing tale of the Colonial Pipeline attack.

The Eerie Epic of the Backup Butcher

The Backup Butcher

Allow us to introduce you to the villainous Backup Butcher by covering some of the very worst real-world backup nightmares. You never know where he might strike next… 

The Horrifying History of the 2014 Yahoo Hack 

Cybersecurity Scary Stories: Hacking Yahoo

What happens when a bump in the night turns into billions of exposed accounts? Let the hacking of Yahoo be a warning to us all.   

The Lurid Legend of the Server Slasher

server slasher

When the Server Slasher strikes, very few servers make it out alive. Gird your firewalls and check your password protection, here are some of the worst server attacks in history.  

The Nail-Biting Narrative of the NASA Data Breach

Cybersecurity Scary Stories: Infiltrating NASA

In space, no one can hear your scream. Not even NASA is safe from cybercrime.

The Chilling Chronicle of the Crypto Creeper

crypto creeper

You might think that you’re safe with encryption enabled. You’re wrong. The Crypto Creeper can get through the smallest of cracks; Learn more about the worst encryption hacks in history.  

The Frightening Fable of the Sony Attack

Cybersecurity Scary Stories – the Sony Data Breach

Lights, camera, hack-tion. The bigger they are the harder they fall – so when Sony Pictures fell prey to cybercriminals, they fell very, very hard.   

The Scary Story of the Phishing Phantom

phishing attacks

The threat is coming from inside the office! The Phishing Phantom plays on gaps in your employee’s knowledge to access your information from the inside. You never know behind what subject line he may hide!  

Don’t Get Scared, Get Prepared

You can stop reading through your fingers now.  

Spooky season may come to an end, it’s true – but the threat of cybercrime never leaves us. If you aren’t being proactive in your protection, then you’re leaving your business open to threats just like these.  

Contact EMPIST online today to get started before your business is next.