The Latest Text Message Package Delivery Scam

New Phone, Who This?  

There is a new smishing scam on the rise. Over the past month, people have been posting all over social media about the latest text message package delivery scam. There have been some wild rumors about what this fake text’s purpose is, so we are here to set the record straight. First, we will show what the text message looks like below. 

Now, knowing the rules of cybersecurity, you should never click on a link sent to you from an unknown number or email address. However, many speculated that this text was targeting women and would track their location via smartphone – if they clicked the link. This is not the case, though the text message is still a smishing scam. 

What is Smishing(SMS Phishing) 

smishing scam is sent through SMS texting. This text will normally contain a link the sender is asking you to click on. The link will generally go to a phishing website or ask you to grant them access to one of your accounts by logging into a portal. 

So, What Is It 

Security experts have said that this package delivery scam message simply takes you to a fake login page. This could be an Amazon account or whatever account your package claims to be from in the text message. The hacker wants you to log in through the fake portal to steal your password and gain access to your other sensitive information. 

What Should I Do If I Receive This Text?   

If you get a text like this sent to your phone, you should:  

  • Block the phone number that sent the text message  
  • Be careful to not accidentally click on the link in the text 
  • Delete the text message from your phone 

Final Thoughts: The Text Message Package Delivery Scam 

Remember, never trust an unknown source. Shipping companies have spoken out regarding this package delivery scam to inform their customers if there is a lost package, this is not the way you would be contacted. Stay safe and think before you click, everyone!  


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