The Latest Fujitsu Keystroke Tracking Bug

Cybersecurity | March 20, 2019

In case you’re unfamiliar, Fujitsu is a popular wireless keyboard. Recently, researchers discovered a keyboard bug that can perform keystroke tracking from 150 ft away. These findings were unveiled with a computer system running with a Fujitsu Wireless Keyboard Set LX901. 

News from Fujitsu 

This cybersecurity threat does not have a CVE number, but its CVSS score is estimated at 8.8, making it a severe flaw. Though researchers claimed this is a high-security concern, Fujitsu is still working on a solution. 

What Does This Keystroke Tracking Bug Do?  

Now, the way the Fujitsu wireless keyboard works is by transmitting keystrokes to a desktop via radio waves. To do this, the device uses AES-encrypted data packets. This is all fine; the problem lies within the receiver.  The receiver will process encrypted and unencrypted data packets, making it vulnerable to keystroke injection attacks. In short, a hacker can easily take over the functionality of your desktop through your keyboard. 

How Can I Do to Avoid Keystroke Tracking?  

There is good news. This form of hacking is difficult, and the hacker would have to be in close proximity to their target to access the wireless keyboard. There are also several anti-keylogging tools available to help protect you in the case of an attack. 

On the Right Track  

The best way to avoid keyloggers is to stay informed on the latest hacking methods. Looking for more information on cybersecurity? Click here 

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