The Best and Worst Times to Post on Facebook

Digital Agency | February 22, 2020


What time are the best and worst times to post on Facebook? The answer can really depend based on what you are posting and what your end goal is with your Facebook presence. 

Studying the most active times on the platform can give you a clue to when you should post on the site and what kind of post is the most likely to help you achieve your goals. There is data to show the best and worst time to post for every kind of Facebook profile, based on the usage habits of regular people. But by analyzing the data, it becomes much easier to discern when is the best time to post and when you should wait. 

Defining Your Goal in Posting on Facebook

Part of finding the best time to post on Facebook is defining what the aim of your posts is and what you hope to gain. If you want to grow awareness of your brand, you might post at a different time than if you are aiming to drive sales and capture people’s attention when they are ready to buy. 

Timing your posts to the periods that show the most activity will help overall with any goals you have, and you can refine from there to see what works best for your business and the followers you have engaged with your brand. 

What is The Best Times for Facebook Posts?

Research on Facebook usage patterns shows that certain days of the week are more active than others, with a larger portion of the two billion active users on Facebook logging in, watching videos, and commenting on posts. 

Wednesday is the best day to post based on overall activity on the platform because users are the most active and engaged on that day. Sunday is the least active day, as users tend to be on the platform less and spend a shorter time on the platform when they do log in.  

The most consistent period of engagement actually falls during business hours, with longer periods of time spent when users take breaks from work or finish working for the day. Weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm show the most engaged portion of users on the site, with lunch breaks and commute times among the best times to post and capture a larger share of attention. 

Experimenting with your Facebook postings at different times and days of the week is the best way to determine the times your business should post to achieve your goals. After you have consistently posted on the platform, you can look at the analytics Facebook provides for you to see which times are working the best for your brand. 

So now that you know the best and worst times to post on Facebook, you can connect with a larger number of your audience members and get more engagement. 

Good luck!

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