The Benefits of Cloud Computing Working from Home

Cloud Services | April 3, 2020

The Benefits of Cloud Computing  

Beyond essential workers, most of the workforce is currently working from home during this time. The truth is, cloud computing is such a time saver for both remote workers and when you are working in the office. If you are working around technology pitfalls and are thinking of migrating to the cloud, we’ve got some facts to back up making the switch.  

Let’s go over some of the benefits of cloud computing while working from home! 

A Major Space Saver  

Free up your valuable workspace without filing cabinets, in-house server rooms, data centers, messy cables, and more. When you work on the cloud, everything can be stored virtually. 

Employee Accessibility  

Giving employees easy access to their work portals is just one of the many benefits of cloud computing. The cloud is accessible to anyone using the internet. All your employees must do is log in to their accounts, and they have access to their email, files, and anything else they need to get their jobs done. 

Save Some Dough 

Who doesn’t love to save money? This might be one of the more intriguing benefits of cloud computing. When you are physically backing up data, it takes time, and time is money. Not to mention the cost tied to hardware and software you are using in place of the cloud.  

Dare we mention the cost of data loss in the event of a disaster? There are so many risks and costs involved when you are operating on physical servers alone. The cloud is a great solution to ensure your data is always there and protected. 

Increase Your Scalability  

Your cloud storage can grow with your business. Unlike on-site hardware, the benefits of cloud computing allow you to easily increase your cloud storage without any major reconfigurations or setbacks. 

Hello, Productivity  

Giving employees easy access to everything they need to get their job done helps to streamline productivity. Also, working on the cloud provides easier collaboration, remote working capabilities, and more. 

Let’s Collaborate!  

The benefits of cloud computing collaboration are:  

1. Increased control over projects 

2. The ability to work on projects from anywhere 

3. Synchronized work on tasks  

4. Work with real-time updates 

5. Promotes better brainstorming and team building 

Improved Security  

Whether a public cloud, private provider, or hybrid-cloud solution is best for your business, you can rest-assured knowing security is a top priority. As the technology we use to create and distribute data gets increasingly more advanced, so too do the hackers that threaten its protection. Switching to the cloud can affirm that your front-line security is the most advanced possible.   

On Another Level  

The benefits of cloud computing can really take your business to the next level. Especially during times like today where the transition to remote work can come on so abruptly. We hope this blog gave you some insight into how using the cloud can not only benefit your business while working from home but, in the office as well.   

At EMPIST, our crack team of tech experts works with you to identify the right cloud solution for every aspect of your business technology. From hands-off management to recovery systems, we’ve got the tools you need to help you reach your cloud storage goals. 

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