Technology Trends in Healthcare 2020

IT Services | June 16, 2020

Healthcare & Tech Today 

With the evolution of technology comes the evolution of the healthcare industry. With everything being online, doctors need a safer and more efficient way to store patient data and provide care. Let’s go over the technology trends in healthcare for 2020! 

Data Security & Privacy 

You can’t talk about technology trends in healthcare without mentioning data. There’s data being processed in the healthcare industry every day and most of it contains sensitive information. That’s why the focus on data security and privacy is a growing concern in the healthcare industry. Here are a few things you should be aware of.  

Unsecured Networks: Just like your email, all web-accessible data can fall prey to hacking via improperly protected or public Wi-Fi networks, making network maintenance a must for cloud storage users.  

Phishing Attacks and User-Mismanagement: Cloud storage security is not immune to human error. When using a cloud-based data recovery system, consider having your employees undergo social engineering and cybersecurity training to minimize risk.   

Weak Passwords: It’s a sad truth that many passwords – even those protecting invaluable user data – just aren’t up to snuff. Proper passwords are always at least twelve characters long, mix numbers, characters, and symbols, and avoid common words and phrases.   

Healthcare Consumerism

Healthcare consumerism is all about making healthcare easier for the patient. These technology trends in healthcare create processes, applications, and even devices that connect people with healthcare wherever they are with just the click of a button. 

AI Technology  

AI technology is becoming more mainstream and moving its way into the healthcare industry. Many companies are offering AI library models to help fix any given problem you are presented with. AI technology can be used to question a doctor’s diagnosis by walking you through how they came to their decision. 

Transparent Pricing 

Most people avoid going to the doctor because of that surprise medical bill that shows up in their mailbox a few days later. The consumers have spoken, and they want the medical industry to be more upfront with their pricing before their doctor visits. Hopefully, over time this will make it easier for people to seek care and budget accordingly. 

Wearable Health Monitoring

Wearable tech is one of the technology trends in healthcare that has truly evolved. Technology such as the Apple Watch, has now been formatted to detect atrial fibrillation, among other health concerns. 


During this time, some people don’t want to brave the grocery store, let alone the doctor’s office. Especially if you have a compromised immune system, you will want to avoid heading into the doctor’s office for something small. That’s why telehealth appointments have become the ideal solution to connect patients to the medical assistance they need. Doctors are even able to order prescriptions for patients at their local pharmacy.   

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