Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, November 23, 2020

News | November 23, 2020

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We’re getting closer to the holidays! It’s another week of EMPIST Tech Talk news with the latest in technology, digital marketing, EMPIST exclusives, and more. Here we go! 

The Weekly Tech News Update  

A contactless trip to the pharmacy couldn’t have come at a better time amid a pandemic. After a little over two years of work, Amazon Pharmacy is finally here! With a secure pharmacy profile, you can purchase and manage subscriptions with the help of Amazon’s shopping services. Another great feature in the Amazon portal is the ability to speak to a pharmacist 24/7 for medicaconsulting. Read the full story >>

The Weekly EMPIST Blog  

Why the Manufacturing Industry Needs IT Services 

IT Problems in the Manufacturing Industry   

Many manufacturing companies are operating on legacy systems with years of client data and order history that are important to retain. A lot of this information is tied up in old legacy systems that are vulnerable to break down. Basically, working on old systems involves more time spent and is extremely unreliable. Read the blog >>

The Tech Talk Newsletter Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Website Malware Pop-Ups: Hackers will place malware pop-ups on websites to scare you. You may see something mentioning that your phone/computer is compromised with a mimicked settings notification prompting you to fix the issue immediately. Do not click on anything. Leave the website and clear your browser history as soon as possible.   

The Tech Talk Trivia 

Question: The first photograph ever taken required how much time for exposure? Several hours or days? 

The Weekly Marketing Spotlight 

Campbell’s Soup Company is teaming up with Instacart to make sure you have all you need to make those iconic holiday side dishes this season. With Campbell’s Dinner Insurance, they will help you replace ingredients for any side dish gone wrong in the Manhattan area. This Thanksgiving campaign will be offering free Instacart delivery as well. Read the full story >>

Trivia Answer: Several Days  

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