Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, July 26, 2021

News | July 26, 2021

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Do we really need passwords? Magic, a San Fran-born startup that builds “plug and play” authentication tech, doesn’t think so. In fact, neither do their investors. As of this week, Magic has raised just about $27 million in Series A funding. This is in large part due to their crown jewel SDK, which allows developers to implement a series of viable authentication methods with just a few lines of code – and without passwords. According to Magic co-founder and CEO Sean Li, the SDK not only makes building multi-factor authentication into applications much easier, but could also help prevent devastating (and expensive) fallout from password-based data breaches. Learn more:  

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Many businesses are taking tentative steps to get employees back into the office. For a lot of us, this process looks like a hybrid model: the workweek is evenly split between remote and in-person hours. As you juggle moving back and forth, EMPIST would like to remind you of the importance of embracing cloud-based operations, providing comprehensive user support and training, and creating a robust library of resources for your team so that work can continue, no matter your location. 

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Question: The original Pac-Man ghosts each had individual AI traits. Which ghost was the least predictable overall? 

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Hold on to your open rates – the impending rollout of Apple’s iOS 15 could be a bumpy ride for email marketers. Among the best and brightest updates to Apple’s newest operating system include intensified free privacy features. According to early-access users of iOS 15, one such feature would mask IP addresses and block third parties from tracking email opens for Apple Mail users who opt-in. While we applaud Apple’s commitment to improving overall security, these changes could spell trouble for marketers who leverage open rates to track the success rate of email campaigns. Although, there’s no need to panic quite yet: there’s still much that we do not know about iOS 15 and its impacts. But marketers should take stock of their current strategies – and be mindful that they might soon be due for a change. Learn more: 

Trivia Answer: Inky 

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