Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, July 19, 2021

News | July 19, 2021

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It’s that time of the week! The Tech Talk Newsletter is here. Keep reading for updates on technology news, marketing highlights, EMPIST exclusive content, and more.  

The Weekly Tech News Update   

Facebook is finally paying up. In the wake of TikTok’s successful creator fund, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that both Facebook and Instagram will soon begin paying creatives for quality posts. Eager to maintain superpower-social-media status, officials estimate that the tech giant will dole out upwards of $1 billion in content-based bonuses and incentives by the end of next year. Whether that will be enough to quell the viral nature of TikTok’s success, only time will tell.  Learn more

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From the EMPIST Help Desk  

Long email chains bogging you down? Share Outlook emails in Microsoft Teams! Keep your inbox organized and your team members up-to-date simultaneously by sharing pertinent emails with Share to Teams. Only available on desktop (for now), the add-in is automatically installed for Teams users.   

The Tech Talk Trivia   

Question: Where did the word spam (as in, email spam) originate?  

The Weekly Marketing Spotlight   

That’s one giant leap for Slurpee-kind. In an effort to capitalize off the so-called billionaire space race, 7-Eleven has announced plans to launch one of their signature Slurpees into space. Yes, really. The promotion aims to highlight 7-Eleven’s unique in-app delivery service, even letting Slurpee fans “vote” for which flavor gets to take flight via order. To make your voice heard – and receive a commemorative cup – use the 7-Eleven app to order your preferred flavor for delivery in the month of July and watch the fan-favorite shoot for the stars in August.  Learn more

Trivia Answer: A Monty Python sketch from 1970 

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