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Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, July 12, 2021

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Hot off the presses, it’s this week’s Tech Talk Newsletter! Get a temperature read on what is heating up in technology news, the coolest marketing insights, EMPIST exclusive material, and more, below. 

The Weekly Tech News Update  

What happens when supply chain attacks and ransomware combine? Answer, havoc. In the beginning of July, right before the holiday weekend, REvil, a criminal group, encrypted the files of hundreds of businesses in an instant. This was due to compromised IT management software. A Kaseya VSA vulnerability allowed REvil to get access to MSP’s clients. Why break into one safe-deposit when you can grab the bank manager’s master key.  

The Tech Talk Newsletter Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Organization is everything. Browser tabs taking over your life? Still working from home without your second monitor? The latest Google Chrome versions offer a grouping feature to keep all your web pages separate and systematized. Simply right-click on a tab (or, CTRL + click on a Mac) and select ‘Add to New Group’ to get started. Then, name and color coordinate your groups to keep a clean webpage – and your sanity.   

The Tech Talk Trivia  

Question: In 1994 – before they were used as paperless menus – QR codes were invented to track what? 

The Weekly Marketing Spotlight  

Enough is enough! July is National Hot Dog Month and Heinz Ketchup has had it up to here with hot dogs and hot dog buns being sold in unequal packaging. In a new bid aimed at hot dog lovers, Heinz has launched a petition calling on Big Wiener and Big Bun to finally sell their wares in proportionate bundles of ten, ensuring grillers are no longer left one without the other. While mostly serving as a form of tongue-in-cheek brand awareness, the petition on could also present Heinz with some valuable first-party data in the form of email addresses.  Learn more

Trivia Answer: Vehicles as they were assembled  

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