Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, January 4, 2021

News | January 4, 2021

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EMPIST Tech Talk  

It’s time for the first Tech Talk segment of 2021! Get the latest in tech news, digital marketing highlights, EMPIST exclusives, and more. Here we go!  

The Weekly Tech News Update  

Video conferencing is getting an upgrade! The startup, CommonGround, has raised $19 million to fund a 4D collaboration with Amir Bassan-Eskenazi and Ran Oz. The team relayed that even though video conferencing has greatly improved, face-to-face communication is still king. This new 4D conferencing technology is sure to make some waves in the future of business. Read the full story >>

The Weekly EMPIST Blog  

Securing Your Home Internet Connection   

In this blog, we will be covering must-know home internet tips to help you set up and maintain your home internet connection. The setting processes described can vary from one ISP/brand to the other. It is recommended that you reach out to the corresponding support before making these changes if you are uncomfortable doing this by yourself. Most devices have a reset button on the back, should you change something and are no longer able to get online. Read the blog >>

The Tech Talk Newsletter Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

The Importance of a Secure VPN  

Hackers are trying any angle they can to access the sensitive information of remote employees. During COVID, researchers discovered a fake Virtual Private Network (VPN) that targets Office 365 users to log in to their accounts and steals their passwords. Therefore, cybersecurity training and a secure VPN is a must-have for your business.  

The Tech Talk Trivia 

Question: What was the name of Mac’s first web browser?  

The Weekly Marketing Spotlight 

Sonic was able to switch out its traditional “Two Guys” car banter ads with families to prove that some things don’t have to change. The structure of Sonic’s drive-thru chain involves enjoying a drive-in meal with people in your car, which is perfect for the indoor dining issues we are facing during COVID-19. This is a perfect example of brand evolving with its customers and the current environment. Read the full story >>

Trivia Answer: Samba  

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