Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, January 18, 2021

News | January 18, 2021

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A new week calls for more Tech Talk news! Discover the latest in technology news, marketing highlights, trivia, and more. Here we go! 

The Weekly Tech News Update  

WhatsApp’s new update has kicked users off the app, and several users are uneasy about the new privacy agreements. Many were not comfortable with their information being shared with Facebook through WhatsApp. Because of this, some users have threatened to switch to the app’s competitor, Signal. WhatsApp has since clarified that only a limited amount of information will be shared with Facebook to put its users at ease. Read the full story >>

The Weekly EMPIST Blog  

Must-Know Ransomware Statistics for 2021 

Cybersecurity shifted in 2020 and will continue to evolve in 2021. One major concern for individuals and businesses alike is ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks can completely halt your productivity and leave your data vulnerable. In this blog, we are going to cover some of the most prominent ransomware statistics to gain some insight into what to be aware of in 2021. Read the blog >>

The Tech Talk Newsletter Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Security doesn’t stop with your desktop/laptop. When you are using your smartphone, be wary of connected to any public WIFI networks. Hackers will use every opportunity they can to access your sensitive information. 

The Tech Talk Trivia 

Question: How is the abbreviation Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) pronounced? 

The Weekly Marketing Spotlight 

Roku recently purchased the rights to Quibi programming for less than $100 million. Roku will be able to stream the content from Quibi until 2027, along with an exclusive 2-year agreement involving content producers. This business move was made by Roku to grow its ad-supported channel. Read the full story >>

Trivia Answer: The pronunciation was intended to be a “JIF” with a soft G, but it is now more widely known as “GIF” with a hard G.

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