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Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, August 9, 2021

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The same news you know and love, with just a slightly different format. The Tech Talk Newsletter is back with a revamp! Read on for your weekly dose of technology information, marketing insights, and more from the EMPIST team. 


5 Tech Stories to Know This Week

1. Zoom Reaches $85M Settlement in ‘Zoombombing’ Lawsuit

The conferencing giant is owning up and paying out; What does that mean for your privacy?

2. Amazon Will Give You a Whole $10 for Your Palm Print

Amazon will literally pay for you to use biometric data.

3. Twitter Works With News Sites to Tackle Disinformation

Will partnering with Reuters and the Associated Press solve Twitter’s fake news problem?

4. Security Flaws Found in Popular EV Chargers

Is your car at risk? Is your safety?

5. Square to Buy ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Giant Afterpay in $29B Deal 

Fintech is on the move, once again.


The Tech Talk Newsletter Tip

From the EMPIST Help Desk

Use Google alerts to stay up-to-date on Covid-19 policies in your area. From Delta variants to breakthrough cases, there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to Coronavirus news. To stay in the know on policy updates in your area without doom scrolling on Twitter, set up localized alerts using keywords and trusted news sites.


Trending Topics

What is the metaverse?

Sci-Fi novelist Neal Stephenson’s clever portmanteau is now Silicon Valley’s biggest buzzword. But when Mark Zuckerberg announces that he wants to transform Facebook from a social media company into a “metaverse company,” what, exactly, does he mean? While it may sound more like the subtitle of a new Marvel movie than an actual enterprise, the metaverse is a (currently theoretical) shared online space that combines physical, augmented, and virtual reality into one. This so-called “embodied internet” would be a place to buy and sell goods, interact with avatars, and well, live, entirely online. Audacious, isn’t it? Of course, Zuck isn’t the only one in the metaverse game; In recent months both Roblox and Fortnite have also discussed the possibilities of going meta. What this news spells for the future of media we can’t really predict, but who’s to say – perhaps science fiction may soon become social reality.


The Tech Talk Trivia   

Question: ‘Yahoo’ is actually a backronym – an acronym for an already existing word. What does it stand for?


The Weekly Marketing Spotlight   

Non-fungible tokens (AKA NFTs) are big fun for brands.

Still a bit confused by NFTs? You’re certainly not alone. Despite their complexity, however, many brands appear to be taking the newfound popularity of Non-fungible Tokens in stride. To prove it, Coca-Cola recently auctioned off its first NFT for charity last weekend. The prize? A “Friendship Box” – modeled after video game loot boxes – which comes complete with a bubble jacket to be worn by the owner in the 3D reality platform, Decentraland.  Similarly, Campbell’s Soup will be releasing redesigns of their classic labels from artist Sophia Chang as part of an NFT collection entitled ‘AmeriCANa.’ Beauty giants NARSe.l.f, and Givenchy have also joined in on what can only be called an NFT branding craze, leading us to ask: is blockchain the hottest new marketing stunt? If so, does it work? 


Trivia Answer: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

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