Tech Answers: Why Is My Printer Not Printing?

Waiting on Some Copies?  

It’s time to troubleshoot that ever-popular question: Why is my printer not printing? We’ve all been in a rush trying to copy something at the office. Then, two days later, your device shoots out ten copies of that one document you no longer need anymore. If you are tired of dealing with error messages and frustration, these pointers are for you! 

Tech Answers: Why Is My Printer Not Printing? 

Clearing the Queue  

Why is my printer not printing? One of the most common fixes for a faulty device is clearing its queue. Think of it as system overwhelm! When too many requests have been sent to your machine at once, it can start to freeze up. To clear your queue, go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > Open Print Queue. Then you can successfully clear its queue. 

Jammed or Empty Paper Trays  

Don’t roll your eyes at us just yet. We know that most people check if the paper tray is empty or not. However, sometimes there is a paper jammed in the machine stopping it from copying documents. All you need to do is open the device’s access panel and removed the crumpled paper. 

How’s Your Connection?  

This may sound ridiculous but many times your device is not properly plugged in or connected to the right Wi-Fi network. 

Checking for Error Lights  

Did you know that your printer may be telling you exactly what the problem is? If your device is flashing its lights, check the manual to find out what that signal means. 

Double-Check You’ve Selected the Correct Device

It’s okay. We won’t tell anyone that you were trying to copy that document out on the wrong machine. This happens all the time in offices or libraries when there are multiple devices available to connect to. 

Checking Your Ink Cartridges 

Your machine should alert you when you have an empty ink cartridge, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only problem you could have. The printer head may be clogged or dirty, stopping the device from functioning. In other cases, you can wipe the copper strips on the ink cartridges with a damp paper towel to clean them. 

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.   

If the issues with your printer go beyond a simple fix, it may be time to involve an IT professional. Visit our IT Services page to learn more about what EMPIST can do for your business.  

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