Spam & Virus Filtering

What is Spam & Virus Filtering?

EMPIST’s Spam & Virus Filtering offers email users a way to safeguard from unwanted mail, phishing attacks, and other potentially malicious actors hoping to access your business’s data. Once your domain is added to our Barracuda filtering system, all inbound mail will travel first to the filter and then will be delivered to your inbox, limiting your exposure to breaches and stamping out undesirable messages once and for all.

Email may be critical to how you do business, but without the proper precautions in place, the information usually contained in your inbox is at serious risk of exposure.

The Benefits & Features of Spam & Virus Filtering

  • Diminished Risk of Exposure
  • Secure Communications
  • Access to Quarantined Mail Reports
  • Installation-Free Software
  • Protection from Future Phishing, Malware, & Viruses
  • Increased Information Security
  • Cost-Efficient Integrations


Nothing beats having peace of mind. At EMPIST, our user-friendly Spam & Virus Filtering is designed to mitigate risks and streamline your inbox without the disorganization of complicated software. Easily integrated with Microsoft 365 and other major mail providers, our filter is cost-effective while still ensuring the highest level of protection there is. With advanced filter offerings available for more sensitive information, you can rest assured knowing your data is safe with EMPIST’s Spam and Virus Filtering at the ready.

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